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Yves Saint Laurent: The King of Fashion

By Monica Negri, Monica is a Wardrobe and Image consultant of Ten Outfits and has three passions in life – Fashion, Food and Fitness.  All three interweave in and out of her life creating a beautiful balance.

Yves Saint Laurent Style

Recently I went to Denver after hearing about the YSL Retrospect Exhibit. That was a must see since it was the only city in the United States that was showing it.  It definitely met my expectations and I am so glad I went.

Yves Saint Laurent Style

To top it off I got lucky when I was shopping at Buffalo Exchange in Tucson.  I snatched up a Rive Gauche YSL circa 80’s Black Bolero Jacket for $16.50 which I wore to the exhibit. Unbelievable!  I was happy I could pay homage to the irreplaceable magnificent designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent Style

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 The exhibit had over 200 collections on display spanning Yves Saint Laurent’s entire career.  Ladies you can thank him for introducing pants in our wardrobes. In the 1960s the accepted form of attire for women was dresses and skirts and it was YSL who changed “our uniform”

Yves Saint Laurent Style

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I felt like I was in Disneyland on It’s a  small world ride, as the rooms I entered presented me with a visual fashion fantasy each going thru an era of iconic fashion.

Yves Saint Laurent StyleThe exhibit started with Yves first collection in 1958 called the Trapeze, which was the “Bubble” dress.  The bubble dress was so well received it launched him into fame and success. Other YSL significant collections included the slightly masculine Tuxedo Jacket also known as Le Smoking Jacket which fitted and molded perfectly to a woman’s body.

Yves Saint Laurent StyleYves Saint Laurent Style

Next on display:  The exotic era which comprised of inspirations from Russia, Japan, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, and Africa.   I viewed gorgeous vibrant See Thru Blouses with a hint of fantasy, The Peasant Look with big bold jewelry, Bolero Jackets suggesting a Matador, and Smocks and Tunics hinting a luxurious lifestyle lounging by the pool.

Yves Saint Laurent Style

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The finale of the exhibit blew me away! It was the largest room set as a ballroom from the Paris Opera House. As I walked in I saw at least 50 mannequins on the wall reaching to the ceiling in50 variations of the black tuxedo suit. The wall was black, the mannequins were black, and the suits of course were black.   With the exception of little splashes of a white bow,  a peak of a white blouse or white lapel detailing. It was magnificent.

Yves Saint Laurent Style

On the other side of the room were 50 mannequins in lavish ball gowns complimenting the tuxedos.   The gowns displayed rich vibrant colors, satins, lace, silks, all so beautiful;   I envied the women who had the opportunity to wear them.  This room summed up and defined YSL’s thoughts about women and how they presented their image.  A woman has the choice to be powerful either in a sexy; intriguing mans suit, or an elegant feminine ball gown expressing femininity, and beauty. I think all women of today can identify with both roles and it was YSL an innovator of fashion, that broke the mold and gave women freedom of expression with our choice of dress. Thank you.

On a side note I never miss an opportunity to shop at a Buffalo Exchange so I managed to squeeze some time in to visit the Denver store.  And yes it was another power shopping adrenaline designer score.  I picked up Chloe Cat Eye Sunglasses with gold accents $60.00 normal retail at least $350, and 3  cashmere sweaters which I will store for winter.   2 from J Crew in vibrant colors – both 22.00 and a Max Mara Camel Cardigan- 32.00, normally $450.00  which will be an elegant classic staple come Fall.  Thanks Buffalo Exchange for making my day!

– Monica, The Power Shopper