YouTube Personality: Griffin Arnlund

Wilhelmina model Tanner Zagarino and Youtube star Grffin Arnlund.

Photography by Krissy Saleh (@KrissySaleh)

In our 2015 Fall/Winter Zine we feature YouTuber Griffin Arnlund! Griffin and Wilhelmina model Tanner Zagarino headed to Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles to style the latest fall trends. We also took a moment to interview Griffin about her YouTube start, fashion, and resale shopping tips!

How did you get into YouTube?
I started as a fan of YouTube. I couldn’t believe there were so many content options in one place. You can literally find any video on any subject at any time—I fell in love. I begged my parents for a camera and when I received one as a Christmas gift in 2013, I went for it. My first video was a clothing haul.

Who are your style icons or fashion inspirations?
Selena Gomez is my number one inspiration.

When did you start shopping at Buffalo Exchange?
I started shopping at the Mill Avenue store when I was 14. It really became more of a regular spot once I started to drive. Now that I’m living near the Long Beach store, I’m sure I’ll be there all the time!

What is your favorite Buffalo Exchange find?
My favorite Buffalo find is a graphic t-shirt that says “Acrylic Vinyl.” I adore that shirt and every time I wear it I am constantly asked where I got it.

Buffalo Exchange fall winter zine 2015

Do you have any tips for shopping at Buffalo Exchange?

  1. Go early in the day. All of the items are nice and neat and on the racks. There are less people and you can really focus on shopping!
  2. Try things on! Even if the jeans are your size, the previous owner could have had them altered! On that note, if you find an item that you LOVE but is a smidge too big, don’t be afraid to buy it and have it altered!
  3. Take your time.

Wilhelmina model Tanner Zagarino

Buffalo Exchange x YouTuber Griffin Arnlund.

Buffalo Exchange x Wilhelmina model Tanner Zagarino.

Buffalo Exchange x YouTuber Griffin in LA store.

Wilhelmina model Tanner Zagarino at Buffalo Exchange.

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To learn more about Griffin and Tanner follow them here: Zagarino