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Yours Truly: Summer Thoughts

Summer Style

In February, when the days are short and the weather is dreary, my thoughts gravitate towards the summer months and I find myself repeating a phrase spoken by the protagonist in a movie from the 1980’s.  “I want to wear my sandals; I want to go to lunch.”  I love summer; I love everything about it, the light and breezy fashion,

Summer Stylethe fresh and easy food, the long days and the memories of carefree childhood summers.  I love those evenings when the temperature is perfect, what I call “zero temperature”, when you can walk around in shorts and a tank top or a light summer dress on a starlit evening and be perfectly comfortable.  This is a fleeting season and it needs to be savored; we should seize every moment and enjoy the summer bounty; the fashion, the fruits, vegetables, flowers and smells that punctuate this wonderful season.  I have to admit that I am a bit frustrated with our tendency to rush through seasons as though they were a bag of chips.  This is especially true in the fashion industry.  We pay a brief nod to the season that we are in and then we are off thinking about the next season and the styles and colors that it will bring.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all seasons and fall is a particularly lovely time of year with warm earth tones and cozy fashion; it’s just that these things will still be there in September, why do we have to start transitioning to this season in June and July.  In my part of the country, it’s is just getting warm yet the stores are already selling through their summer items and preparing for the busy back to school season, then it will be time for the holidays and shortly after that it will be spring again.  Can’t we just slow down, enjoy the “now” and not rush to the “then”?  If the entire fashion industry agreed to slow down, to spend a bit more time in the “now” they just might find that they are just as successful and a whole lot less stressed.  Of course, this will remain a dream, the industry leaders will continue to push the seasons forward as far as the public will tolerate and my pleas for a slower world will be but an echo in the night.  In the meantime I am going to make the best of this season; I am going to don my sandals, Summer Style go out to lunch and wallow in the beauty that is summer.

Yours Truly

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