Working at Buffalo Exchange: Meet Rocco

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By Buffalo Exchange Headquarters

Rocco Paone started working at Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn as a Buyer in 2007. Since then, he’s come a long way. Believe it or not, this mild-mannered young man recently distinguished himself as the very first person in Buffalo Exchange history to have worked in management at all 5 of our New York locations!

New York State of Mind  

    Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn Buyer

Rocco moved to Williamsburg in 2006, fresh from college in upstate NY.  This was back when rent was still affordable in Brooklyn and he was eager to move to the Big City.  He worked at our Brooklyn location for 3 and ½ years, climbing the ladder to earn an Associate Manager promotion in 2010.

In November 2010, Rocco helped open the Chelsea location as an Associate Manager and was amazed to watch business skyrocket from day one. From there, he rocked on to the Boerum Hill store in downtown Brooklyn and then to Astoria, Queens, all in 2013. He loved being part of the gamble Buffalo Exchange took opening in Queens – there was no other store like it in that part of New York.

Coming back to Buffalo

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn

In 2014, Rocco took bit of a break from working at Buffalo Exchange to write a book and work other retail jobs.  After realizing that no other company offers the same opportunities for development and comradery that Buffalo Exchange does, he knew it was time to get back to the 10 years he had already put into his career. In 2016, he took an Associate Manager position at the East Village store, completing his quest to be a manager at all five New York locations!

Rockin’ Rocco


Rocco has long been a strong proponent of Buffalo Exchange’s Career Track program, a merit-based promotion system, and credits it for his ability to continue moving up and making more money at Buffalo Exchange over the years. “While I’m not one to worry about making all the money, it was clear to me that getting those promotions and getting higher evaluations was the way to make more at the job I loved.” When he trains new buyers, he teaches them to do the same.

“When people think retail, they don’t think career. But we aren’t your regular retail job.  No matter how long you’ve been working at Buffalo Exchange or how old you are, you can keep learning and moving up.”

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn

It takes a special brand of person to thrive in the Big Apple and an even more special type of person to thrive as a manager at each one of the NY Buffalo Exchange locations. We celebrate Rocco’s special achievement, unique humor and unflagging dedication to having fun while working hard. Never stop rockin’, Rocco!

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