Wonderful Looks & Finds

By Natalie R., Buffalo Exchange NYC (Chelsea)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or not! It’s winter in NYC and while every New Yorker is dreading the thought of getting dressed, I’m trying to restrain myself from throwing on my recent purchases for this season.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Natalie and I’ve been a part of the Buffalo Exchange team for almost two years. If you’ve been to the Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea, then you might’ve spotted me behind the register bidding farewell to some really great pieces right before they leave the store. In other words, I’m a cashier.

Despite not being a buyer, I have a keen eye for classic, functional pieces from flannels to sweaters to all things denim, my closet is a home to them all.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

My Latest Finds?

I don’t know where to begin… my closet is stocked with countless items from Buffalo! My recent finds include winter items such as a navy Penfield Puffer Jacket, a pair of black “timbs,” so I can trek through the sugarcoated streets in style, and an unlabeled black mini pebbled backpack.

My Winter Wardrobe Looks Like…

Let’s just say there are a lot of denim, blacks, grays, and plaids. Every now and then I might throw in a hint of color. Also I think I’m becoming obsessed with layering—the more layers, the better!

Buffalo Exchange

One thing everyone should have this winter?

An oversized sweater or few; they’re just too comfy.

Buffalo Exchange

What I like most about Buffalo Exchange…

Obviously the clothes! Just kidding (besides that), it’s the perfect place to exchange inspirations, trade ideas, and interact with a few creative beings.