Winter Staples

By Buffalo Exchange Georgetown

Winter staples don’t have to mean winter basics. Light sweaters and jackets were our go-to for months. Now that we’re in a new season, we search for new staples for our ever-evolving wardrobe. We put together some items that encompass the key looks of the new season.

Buffalo Exchange Georgtown outfit 1

The faux shearling jacket is the quintessential outerwear of the season, a sleek and modern piece that will get you through our coldest winter days yet. We also took to oversized teddy bear coats that will undoubtedly keep you cute and cuddly. The sweatshirt is a street wear staple made popular recently by fashion houses like Givenchy and Rick Owens. The one featured here is from Neil Barrett. We paired these outfits with motorcycle boots, and designer flair to ensure you stand out and look fabulous.

Buffalo Exchange Georgetown outfit 2