Winter Outfits We Love: Cold-Weather Trends to Put on Your Wishlist

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By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Winter style, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Whether it’s oversized jackets or cozy fabrics like chunky rib knits and teddy bear fur, we wait all year for the opportunity to layer up our winter outfits. This season, we’re particularly gaga for fun pops of plaid, metallic, pearl and more!

Don’t Get Mad – Get Plaid!

Buffalo Exchange Winter Outfits Man in Plaid Overalls and a BeardBuffalo Exchange New York Winter Outfits Couple in Plaid  and Over AllsBuffalo Exchange winter outfits 90s group plaid Buffalo Exchange winter outfits  mustard group plaid

Plaid has long been a staple of winter outfits, but it’s often limited to flannel button-ups and scarves. With the 90s revival going strong right now, checkered prints are popping up all over the place – and we’re not plaid about it! We love them on pants, blazers, overalls and, of course, classic 90s skirts. Fun fact: did you know that plaid originated in Scotland and was first known as “tartan”?

That’s So Metal

Buffalo Exchange winter outfits metallic bellbottoms Buffalo Exchange winter outfits metallic skirt Buffalo Exchange winter outfits  metallic shoes

New Year’s Eve always calls for plenty gold and silver, but this year, glitz and glam is making it onto the front pages for everyday wear. That’s right – you don’t have to wait for a holiday party to throw on all your favorite metallic pieces. For an understated approach, try finding metallic pieces in bronze or deep purple.


Buffalo Exchange winter outfits pearls bike beret

Pearls are no longer just for fancy parties and Coco Chanel. This year, they’re appearing on denim, hats, shoes and more as delightful accents. For a fresh and fun look this season, try DIYing some pearls onto your favorite pair of jeans.

Fuzzy Wuzzy BackpacksBuffalo Exchange winter outfits fuzzy backpacksBuffalo Exchange winter outfits  fuzzy backpacks


Faux fur teddy backpacks and jackets are this year’s most snuggly trend. They come in a wide variety of colors, so whether you prefer classic neutrals or something a little brighter, you’re sure to find a way to work this trend into your winter outfits. Major bonus: these backpacks definitely double as pillows. Anyone for an impromptu nap?

Velveteen DreamBuffalo Exchange winter outfits velvetBuffalo Exchange winter outfits velvet beading glassesBuffalo Exchange winter outfits velvet jumpsuit

You can dress it down or you can dress it up, but this we know for sure: velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics out there. While it makes a great option for a holiday party dress, you can also pick up a velvet skater skirt to serve as the base for a wide variety of everyday looks. Oh, and of all the winter outfits we really need to add to our repertoire? A velvet jumpsuit comes in first place.

The Man SkirtBuffalo Exchange winter outfits plaid  man skirt red Buffalo Exchange winter outfits plaid man skirt mustard layering Buffalo Exchange winter outfits plaid man skirt red blue

There are tons of trends to love this winter season, but not one that feels quite so refreshing as the menswear skirt. Though, in fact, it’s kind of an ancient tradition – did you know that skirts are the second oldest garment? Back in the day (i.e. ancient times up to the 14th or 15th century), skirts were worn by all and we, for one, are loving the fact that many contemporary menswear lines are bringing that back.

Ruffle Your FeathersBuffalo Exchange winter outfits floral booties ruffle Buffalo Exchange winter outfits ruffle plaid embroidered group

Ruffles have been around for a minute – in fact, they were one of the key trends on Spring 2017 runways – but they are still one of our favorite ways to wear a blouse or sweater. We especially love how they dress up a pair of jeans and can even stand in for statement jewelry.

Brrrr, eh? Try Adding a Beret to All Your Winter Outfits!Buffalo Exchange winter outfits beret metallic bodysuitBuffalo Exchange winter outfits beret metallic backpack plaid

So now that we’ve tried the whole beret thing, there’s pretty much no going back. It makes us feel chic and sophisticated and Parisian while also keeping our heads warm – talk about a no-brainer! Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange to pick one out today – this must-have accessory will instantly update all of your winter outfits.

Phew. All this winter trend talk has given us a major hankering to go shopping. But first, we’re heading home to clean out our closets so that we can trade in last year’s favorites for some of these exciting new pieces. If you’re in the mood to do the same, find out our top tips for cleaning out your closet, then head down to your local Buffalo Exchange!