Zócalo Magazine featured Buffalo Exchange

Zócalo Magazine featured Buffalo Exchange in “Style Setting, The Buffalo Way” (pages 11–12) in May 2014: “… Kerstin Block—who transformed a longtime passion into a deceptively clever business niche called Buffalo Exchange … she was the first to capture what’s now the zeitgeist formula of re-purposed style … Fashion front-running came naturally to Kerstin, who co-founded Buffalo Exchange in 1974 with her husband, Spencer. … Spencer put aside his teaching … and helped Kerstin build out the business … Although Spencer died in 2009 after a long struggle with cancer, the strategies he and Kerstin cultivated live on in Buffalo Exchange’s culture. … ‘We have our training, but that love of clothing and style gene need to be there at the start…’ ‘Our buyers closely follow what’s vogue, but they also look for those quality styles that anchor any wardrobe. They’re trained to look for fine detail and forward design,’ says Rebecca. … ‘Fashion is personal,’ Kerstin continues. ‘Our pieces are about the details that will help the wearer capture his or her look and tell a story.’ … Kerstin and Rebecca believe Tucson is a fertile environment for innovation … Kerstin says it’s key to have a vision, a passion for the unusual. … the Buffalo Exchange 40th anniversary serves as a reminder of how significant this Tucson-grown house has been to the fashion and business-conscious …”