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What We Are Thankful For …

By Erin Galt, Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks


My first purchase with Buffalo Exchange feels like a lifetime ago and perhaps it was. I had just graduated and it was my last summer before returning to Canada for college. Before leaving, my friend needed company retrieving a 100 gallon fish tank and all the fish from San Francisco. That sounded like a great weekend to me. As we explored the bay, all the new friends we encountered swore by “The Buffalo,” as they called it. I had grown up thrift shopping but had never encountered anything like this. Within minutes I had a coat in my hands. Someone else’s garment they no longer wanted, but it was gold in my eyes. Little did I know, this jacket would not only keep me warm through a vicious winter and the horrors of realizing I picked the wrong school, but it would accompany me to my first interview at the Sherman Oaks location a year and half later. In January, I have spent the last five years growing within this company. The most amazing thing I have witnessed in this time is the perpetual energy this environment has for learning and sharing that knowledge. I met my boyfriend three years ago at the store and through him I am challenged to be something greater. Just this year, we started a band so I could not only overcome my fear of singing in front of others, but to make a commitment to progress. I look at this coat and I think of countries we have seen, the roads we have traveled and the paths we have yet to stumble upon. I am thankful for the smaller things that remind me of the bigger things.