Wetwood Smokes

Check out our interview with Orange County band, Wetwood Smokes. We’re talking style, musical influences, and favorite Buffalo Exchange finds.

1. Who/What has influenced your style?
I don’t know that any of us could pinpoint a specific style muse. Above everything, I think we’re all just drawn to clothes we feel comfortable in.  Fashion has been very kind to guys in the sense that it’s a little more accessible (not to mention cheaper) for us to dress well.  James Dean was immortalized in ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ wearing jeans and a tee shirt and that’s good enough for me. Not to say we don’t all feel just as comfortable in a suit when the occasion presents itself.

2. Does your style reflect your music?
We prefer to stick with simple timeless looks like denim jackets, plain shirts, Levi’s, corduroy, oxfords, and peacoats in the winter. The classics are always a great base for any wardrobe, and we each have our own spin on what classic means to us. We seem to naturally parallel that thought process when it comes to writing music. We try to write music that is captivating in the moment with the potential to be just as relevant five or ten years down the road. We don’t like to get to caught up in current trends in music or fashion.

3. How would you describe your music to someone who’s never listened?
We try to stay away from the term “indie rock,” because the genre has gotten so saturated within the the last few years.  We usually just say simply “rock” or “rock ’n’ roll”. Our goal as Wetwood Smokes is to draw from our collective classic influences and put a current spin on them. I would say that’s an accurate description of our music.

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4. Who are your musical influences?
We all have our own artists and bands that we covet on a singular level. Our influences all come from a similar place. Our parents exposed us to the soul and rhythm and blues of the 50s and 60s: Sam Cooke, the Temptations, Elvis.  We listened to classic rock from Led Zeppelin to CCR.  And at the other end of the spectrum, the most worn out vinyl we have is “Purple Rain”. As far as more current artists, we’re influenced by Jack White, Delta Spirit, Kings Of Leon, Band Of Skulls, Black Keys, King Washington, and Foo Fighters just to name a few.

5. Tell us about the beginnings of Wetwood Smokes?
Well Steven and I are brothers. We’ve been playing music together since we were very young. A little over five years ago, Steven and I joined a band in which Chrystian played bass. Steven played lead guitar and I was the rhythm guitarist and background vocalist.  A couple EP’s later, that band dispersed. Steven, Chrystian, and I had always felt a unique chemistry as far writing. So, after the demise of our last band, the next step was fairly obvious. Wetwood Smokes was born.

6. How did you first hear about Buffalo Exchange?
I had been going to a similar store in Costa Mesa for a couple years, but the atmosphere was more similar to a thrift store. I was at the Lab one day getting coffee with a friend and he told me I’d really like this store “Buffalo Exchange”. I checked it out and I was hooked.

7. What is your favorite Buffalo Exchange find?
It’s hard to pick just one. A couple months ago, we stopped in before a show to find something new to wear on stage.  I ended up finding a brown vintage western button-up.  It has floral patterned velvet on the shoulders. Hands down, the coolest shirt I own.

8. How long have you been shopping with us?
Let’s see, I think my first purchase was the shirt I wore to my senior prom.  It’s been around seven years and I rarely shop anywhere else.

Take a listen to their latest release ‘Organ Donor’ on Spotify or download it on iTunes.

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