My Favorite Weird Trends and How to Wear Them

Buffalo Exchange Weird Trends

By Amelia Gotobed

Have you ever been told plaid is drab? Or that socks and sandals are a no go? Well not anymore! With some fun new styling ideas, plaid can be the best pattern in your closet. As for socks and sandals, that’s a look I will always be a fan of. Follow along as I show you how to wear my favorite weird trends!

Not Your Average Tube Sock

Yellow socks with dots and white sandals

Pair a fun pair of socks with heels and you have A LookTM. This brightly colored patterned sock puts an unexpected twist on a fancy pair of block heels. I love the buckle on these and the fact that you can dress this look up or down. For a new take on the tube sock, look for socks that have a roll top.

Flat lay outfit with tropical pants and white sandals

When picking an outfit to go with your socks-sandals combo, keep your accent colors in mind and match your socks to that. Here, I matched the yellow polka dots to the yellow flowers on the pants.

KISS – Keep It Styled Simply

pink socks with black shoes

The easiest way to wear weird trends like socks and sandals is to keep it simple – styling your look with a classic black shoe, for example. Black goes with any color and makes a bright color of socks pop! These pink socks really show off the shoe’s fun details and ankle straps. Pair these with your LBD to put some pep in your step – not to mention socks can make heels more bearable!

Wear Your Heart on Your Socks

Buffalo Exchange socks that say don't cry and sandals

Sassy sayings go GREAT with socks because it’s an unexpected combo and a cute way to show personality. Trust me – slip into these socks and fuzzy slides and he’ll be the one crying over how cute you are.

Weird trends denim dress and socks

Plaid Goes Sporty

Plaid pants with red shirt weird trends

Plaid is everywhere this year, in every color. When I found these awesome pants with a fun side stripe, I instantly thought sporty chic. Pair with a bright red crop top or a classic Adidas tank top, black Vans and micro sunglasses!

plaid pants with Adidas from Buffalo exchange

Color Me Charming

If plaid is one of those weird trends you just can’t figure out how to wear, try a pair of plaid pants in a soft hue – all you really need to add is a white tee! The ruffles on the sleeves match the fuzzy slippers, tying the look together. Oh, and don’t forget to add tiny cat eye sunglasses for a retro vibe.

Buffalo Exchange weird trends pink and blue plaid

You can also try adding a pop of color to up your plaid cred. If plaid makes you feel like you’re wearing PJs, add heels to dress it up just enough!

buffalo exchange weird trend yellow blouse with blue plaid pants

As you can see, with a few simple styling ideas, weird trends aren’t so weird after all! If you’re ready to pull on your socks and slide into some sandals, be sure to visit your local Buffalo Exchange. Oh, and while you’re here, we’re buying for fall and the best of all seasons! Trade in your closet cleanout for cash or your next socks-and-sandals combo.