Buffalo Exchange Is Buying For Spring!

Colorful abstract graphic that reads "Buffalo Exchange is Buying for Spring!"

Spring (cleaning) is in the air! Whether you love to Marie Kondo your closet or not, deep cleaning can be made easier with a quick trip to Buffalo Exchange. We’re currently buying for spring — think lightweight sweaters and jackets, blouses + button-ups, dresses, tees and denim — but we buy the best of all seasons year round! After you’ve tidied your closet, sweep through your collection of accessories for other items we buy like shoes, hats, belts and even sunglasses and watches. Plus, don’t forget that we’re always interested in seeing your one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and Southwestern jewelry — these are the things that make Buffalo Exchange the best resale shop in the West! Your closet cleanout could become cash or trade to spend on a fresh look for the new season. We buy from open to close every day, so stop in anytime!