Buying for Summer

Buffalo Exchange is buying for summer!

Many Buffalo Exchange stores are now open and accepting closet cleanouts by drop-off through appointment only! If your local Buffalo Exchange is open, call to make an appointment. Closet cleanouts are limited to 50 items at a time and must sit for 24 hours, untouched, before being brought in.

Buffalo Exchange is currently buying for summer & the best of all seasons.  We’re looking to fill our racks with everything from blouses, dresses and skirts to shorts, tees, and short-sleeve button-downs. If you’ve already cleaned out your closet but still have an abundance of accessories like shoes, hats and sunglasses, we’re buying those, too.  You could pick up 30% in a Paypal  payment or 50% in a Digital Trade Card. Here’s a little more about how our current drop-off selling by appointment works: 

  • Call to make an appointment to drop off your items!
  • Limit your cleanout to 50 items.
  • Allow your items to sit untouched for 24 hours before dropping off.
  • Your items will sit overnight after you drop them off, so they may take up to 3 days to process.
  • No on-the-spot cash or trade payouts – you’ll receive contactless payment through Paypal or a Digital Trade Card!
  • As always, be sure to bring along your ID!

If you’re still staying home for the time being, you can sell your closet cleanout online with Buffalo Exchange’s Sell By Mail program: just request a bag online, fill it with your closet cleanout and ship it out for FREE.