Buying for Spring and Summer

Buffalo Exchange is buying for Spring and Summer

Buffalo Exchange is prepping for spring and summer and we want to see your closet cleanout! We’re looking to fill our racks with everything from blouses, dresses and skirts to shorts, tees, and short-sleeve button-downs. If you’ve already cleaned out your closet but still have an abundance of accessories like shoes, hats and sunglasses, we’re buying those, too! Not ready to say goodbye to your spring or summer favorites? Bring in your fall and winter wardrobe — we buy the best of all seasons, year-round! There’s no appointment needed to sell, so stop in anytime we’re open — you could pick up 30% in extra cash or 50% in trade to spend at any Buffalo Exchange

If you find yourself with a pile of items to sell but you just don’t have time to make it into your local Buffalo, you can sell your closet cleanout online with Buffalo Exchange’s Sell By Mail program: just request a bag online, fill it with your closet cleanout and ship it out for FREE. We can’t wait to see all your favorite spring and summer styles!