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Buffalo Exchange SF Mission District location.

By Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission)

The Mission area is a traditionally Latino section of the city. Our location exists at the meeting of the historic community and the new Mission-area demographic. The influence of the tech boom draws in on The Mission from the western and northern corners of the city.

Buffalo Exchange SF Mission location store employees.

The Mission is elaborately festooned, adorned brightly with public art in every alley, public building façade, and exposed wall. We love seeing these vibrant color palettes replicate in our customers’ wardrobes in the form of bright, bold prints that sell so consistently well for us. In the Mission are murals that occupy lengths of whole schools, side by side with street art and graffiti, maintaining the “by everyone, for everyone” nature of the open-air gallery.

SF often wins the title of ‘country’s best gastronomic city’ and there is no better place for this to be enjoyed, but in our neighborhood. This year La Taqueria won the award for “best burrito on Earth” (a polarizing decision for locals, some of whom argue for El Metate on Bryant or Papalote on 24th). For an alternative to carnitas and chorizo there is also Gracias Madre, a vegan single-farm restaurant. For anyone not craving Latin cooking (??) there is sushi, pizza, and all kinds of ethnic cuisine from Ethiopian to Vietnamese. Bi-Rite ice cream and Tartine Bakery are the go-to places for dessert afterwards.

The Mission is a safe haven from the chaos of downtown SF. Everything is more colorful, the people are more relaxed—life is taken at a slower pace here. We love our neighbors and we love living and working in this community. Come visit us!

Buffalo Exchange SF Mission employee.