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Uniquely You

By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange Vice President

Buffalo ExchangeI’m going to share a well-known secret about my dogs with all of you; they are all rat terriers. One of my daughter’s friends came over a while ago and asked why we had four dogs since they are all the same. I was amazed, but realized that she may not have seen how different each one of them is. For starters they are all different sizes, and the two that are closest in size are almost opposites in colorations, ear set and personality. Each one to me is so unique that I was just baffled that she saw them only as one dog.

I bring this up to emphasize that uniqueness is perhaps in the eye of the beholder, but it does point out that all living creatures are unique (I’m not sure about the insect world, but that can wait for another post). My husband’s Reyn Spooner collection might seem redundant to some (good thing my daughter didn’t show this to her friend!), but to him they are all incredibly different.

Buffalo Exchange Back to the topic at hand, we’ve now established that everyone is uniquely himself or herself. Nobody else in the world is just like you. Though it’s sometimes hard to see that you are “you” and, the truth is that you are special. Just finding Buffalo Exchange made you special! You already have a talent for sniffing out great items at fair prices that appeal to your own sensibilities.

Buffalo ExchangeWe love to celebrate this fact everyday in our stores and in our lives. We value that our customers come to find new treasures everyday. We have since the very first day in 1974 when my mom opened the doors with all her various goodies that she thought others might want to buy.

Buffalo ExchangeIn 1974, it might have been easier to be uniquely you, because the world wasn’t filled with so many malls selling similar things, but the truth is that society wasn’t always open to those that were “unique.” Today we can celebrate individuality more openly, however the sameness of clothing can be overwhelmingly boring. Remember that your own style, how you put things together, and how you experiment with your closet are all going to have your own “spin,” which makes it all “uniquely you.”