Unique Ways to Wear Your Holiday Sweaters

Buffalo Exchnage New York Chelsea Girl in Sweaters

By Buffalo Exchange NYC (Chelsea)

Holidays sweaters make a statement all on their own, but why not take your look to the next level? Here at Buffalo Exchange Chelsea, we rounded up some fun new ways to wear your holiday sweaters so that you’ll feel fresh and funky whether it’s your first holiday gathering of the year or your 10th.

Biggie It’s Cold Outside

Buffalo Exchnage New York Chelsea - girl by a car wearing a sweater with Biggie on it

Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can’t you see? Sometimes, your sweaters just hypnotize me. To amp up the style of this notoriously good holiday sweater, pair with matching kicks, gold statement jewelry and just a hint of cheetah print for a look that’ll have your friends throwing their hands in the air.

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

Buffalo Exchnage New York Chelsea Holiday Sweaters - Girl wearing fishnets and a sweater with a menorah on it

Before your next game of dreidel, you may want to throw on this sweater for good luck. When you do, help these happy little dreidels make their punk rock dreams come true by adding fishnets and Doc Martens with matching laces.

Holiday Sweaters That Are Twice as Nice

Buffalo Exchnage New York Chelsea Holiday Sweaters - Two people in one sweater hugging

What better way to gather near to friends who are dear than with a two-person rig like this? Grab your favorite person and take twinning to the next level in one of these fun twosie holiday sweaters!

Not Your Grandma’s Holiday Sweater

Buffalo Exchnage New York Chelsea Holiday Sweaters Guy in a sweater, elf ears and a skirt

If you really want to steal the scene at your next holiday gathering, this is the outfit for you! Start with one of your favorite vintage holiday sweaters (hey, you might even borrow one from your grandma!) and add fun layers like this flouncy man skirt. Finish off with fresh white Docs and an elf hat for a holiday party look that feels fresher than newly fallen snow.

Plaid to Meet You

Buffalo Exchnage New York Chelsea Holiday Sweaters - Girl in a sweater and a plaid blazer

Here’s a look that’s perfect for your last class before holiday break or a casual gathering with friends. Go full-on 90s with a plaid skirt, a plaid blazer and a coordinating holiday sweater or vest. The cherry on top of this outfit, of course, is saying, “plaid to meet you” every time you’re introduced to a new person.

I’m Dreaming of a Vintage Holiday Sweater, Just Like the Ones I Used to Know

Buffalo Exchnage New York Chelsea Holiday Sweaters - Two girls in stylish vintage sweaters

If you want to go for a festive vibe without feeling too over-the-top, we recommend finding some more subtle holiday sweaters and styling them for daytime. We went 70s by pairing our sweaters with corduroy, suede and patchwork. These are perfect for the office!

Ok, so we know what you’re thinking – “But where can I find a cool holiday sweater without having to spend a lot of money?” (We just spent all our extra cash on gifts, too, so we totally get it.) The answer is Buffalo Exchange! Oh, and guess what? We buy back holiday sweaters all year round, so when you’re keeping your New Year’s resolution to clean out your closet, feel free to throw ‘em in the bag. Happy holiday sweater season!