Trend Watch: Costumes of the Year

By Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque

At Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque, our minds are swarming with great ideas for Halloween.

Want to be a hit? Go as a character from one of the year’s huge blockbusters like Suicide Squad or Ghostbusters. We’re also excited to see costumes inspired by the year’s most popular television shows – Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black and Bob’s Burgers. Looking for something a little more fun and quirky? Dress up as your favorite food or emoji! If you want to make a statement, Trump and Hillary costumes are sure to incite plenty of lively conversation. And the trendiest costume of the year? Pokemon, of course!


Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque Trendy Costumes 1

Stranger Things

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque Trendy Costumes 2

Pokemon: Charmander

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque Trendy Costumes 4

Pokemon: Jigglypuff

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque Trendy Costumes 3

Everyone has a different approach to Halloween costuming. Some people spend weeks on end searching every thrift store in town to find the perfect pieces, while others focus on intricate makeup and still others simply go to any costume store, buy a packaged set and call it good. Personally, we recommend somewhere in between – combining pre-packaged pieces with street clothing from a resale store or your own closet – for the best results. Why not try our Charmander? Pick up a packaged hat and tail and then finish the costume off with your brightest, most fiery clothing and you’re good to go! How about Jigglypuff? All you need is our pre-packaged cap and microphone set and plenty of pink, pink, pink! This is a great chance to get creative and stay on budget besides.