Trend Tracker: The Man Purse

By Gabrielle Jones, Buffalo Exchange San Francisco

leather bag

A trend I noticed on the menswear runway for this season is the “man bag”. These aren’t your typical messenger bags or laptop bags; these are chic, masculine, and functional accessories of the season. Let’s face it guys, just because your girlfriend carries a duffle bag around as a purse doesn’t mean that she wants to carry your junk around in it!

Many of the big names sent their men down the runway with some great bags, a few styles I noticed:

The “Clutch”

three male models holding clutches

left to right: Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, Prada

This bag would be great for a business meeting, a date, or just for a walk to your favorite coffee shop. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen men just walking around carrying their tablets in their hands. Maybe I am a worrier, but I can just see them dropping it or someone just running up and snatching it! It is a sleek way of concealing your goods! It is a less formal alternative to the briefcase, also not quite as bulky. Carrying around a bag like this doesn’t mean you have to be a in a suit, this bag could totally be paired with a casual day look.

The “Duffle”

two male models holding duffle bags

left to right: Cornelli, Giorgio Armani

Great, fashionable, alternative to the gym bag, you could ride the bus to the gym without screaming “HEY EVERYONE, GUESS WHO IS GOING TO WORK OUT!” If you are going to buy the top of the line tennis shoes for your work out, why not have a great bag to store them in? Roomy enough to fit a change of clothes, this bag could definitely work with your sportswear as well as your outfit for the day.

The “Overnighter”

two male models holding red suitcases

left to right: Trussardi, Gucci

I love love love these overnight bags, nothing says class like good luggage. Although I wouldn’t recommend hauling around a weeks worth of vacation wardrobe in wheel-less bags for the sake of fashion (been there done that), but for an overnight stay these bags are great. I mean, do you really need to take a rolly luggage to your sleepover? Are you also too proud to show up with your goods stuffed into a grocery sack (also, been there done that; the bag ripped)? Then this is the bag for you!

The “Tote”

three male models holding canvas totes

left to right: , Burberry Prorsum, Versace, Louis Vitton

Last, but not least is the tote. This is probably my favorite of the bags of the four styles I chose from and by far the most versatile. The tote could be great for a day at the beach, around town, or a trip to the farmers market. Burberry and LV both had super simple honey leather totes in their line, by far my favorite accessory and favorite color of leather. These are such a fashionable way of throwing everything in a bag and running out of the house. Casual and dressy at the same time, a tote could add to a look or be used as a statement piece.

 I highly recommend finding a good bag, what I love about the man bags is that they are so versatile. These bags can transition so nicely from day to night. The ladies have to change up their bags depending on what look they are going for, but I feel these bags could all really work for whatever situation!

For the city man, a bag is essential. The growing popularity/necessity of public transit, takes away our ability to store stuff in our car. Having a bag gives you the ability to haul around what you need without having your hands full. – Gabrielle Jones

*All photos the SS12 Fashiontrend Magazine