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Trend Tracker: Floating Broque

Floating Shoes

Do you remember Marc Jacobs’ 2008 summer shoes with the misplaced heel and a foot placement that seemed out of the ordinary? No love was given back then but perhaps those styles were too early for their time. So now that our feet have been pushed to a direction of extreme, yet interesting fashions I feel a new respect for the quirky and strange. Current Obsession? Floating Brogues. Brought to you by Simone Rocha and reproduced by Jeffrey Campbell, these brogues give a sophisticated look to a very whimsical fashion. I suppose these might the best option for the understated statement, in which onlookers will have to take that second glance. Love it? Hate it? Will it even last? Who knows, but I must say, the white pair with the clear Lucite heel would go perfectly with my summer wardrobe.Floating ShoesFloating ShoesFloating ShoesFloating ShoesFloating ShoesJeffrey Campbell:

Floating ShoesFloating ShoesFloating Shoes

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