Trend Tracker: Crop Tops

By Christy Lorio, Buffalo Exchange New Orleans

Crop Tops

Cropped tops have been a big trend this summer, but while thoughts of an exposed mid-section is enough to drive even the laziest to lay off the carbs and dust off the ab roller, this new wave of belly baring shirts can be worn by anyone. Your best accessory?  A heaping dose of confidence, served with an understanding of what’s flattering for your body type.

Crop Tops

Image via a pair & a spare

Showing a sliver of skin with a cropped top and high waisted shorts or skirt is a great way to allude to perfect abs while concealing flaws. All you need to show is a thumbs width to get in on this trend. Still feeling a bit too bare? You can still get the effect without exposing skin by layering a thin tee or tank underneath.  Another option is a fringed tee that distracts the eye from settling on one spot, with an added swishy fun factor.

Crop Tops

Image via ontheqtrain

Crop Tops

So what do you think about this trend? Are you going to dare to bare?

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