Throwback Thursday: Costumes Come Back to Haunt You

By Buffalo Exchange Chelsea

Do you have a childhood Halloween costume you’ve always been DIY-ing to resurrect? Or perhaps one you wish would just stay dead? Like, “Mom, burn all those photos” kind of dead? Yeah, us too. We asked employees to bring in photos of their favorite costumes from years past and compared them to this year’s Halloween creations. Join us for a trip down memory lane!

Danielle: From Salem to Sixties

Back in 1999, Danielle went for a totally classic take on Halloween with this Salem witch costume. Fast forward to 2016 and she’s brightened her look considerably with a mod vintage dress, faux fur jacket and suede boots. Personally, we love both. Totally mod!

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea TBT Witch and Mod Costume

Mary: Once a Princess, Always a Princess

In 1998, Mary was the belle of the Halloween ball! Back then, she believed that anyone can be a princess – and not much has changed! Today, she is a different kind of royalty, spicing up our lives as Ginger Spice in a lace bodycon dress and jaw-dropping white platforms.

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea TBT Princess and Ginger Spice Halloween Costume

Olivia: Hollywood Hits

Olivia is an expert at DIY movie character costumes. Last year, she went as the Joker from Dark Knight, perfecting the look by watching countless YouTube videos during her first year at FIT.  For 2016, she went for a truly funny costume – Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. The Initech nametag totally makes this costume.

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea TBT Joker and Bill Lumbergh Office Space Halloween Costume

We’re always impressed by our employees’ creativity. Feel like you have the same flair? Join our team!