Three Runway Trends

Buffalo Exchange Seattle U-District Runaway Trends report.

By Buffalo Exchange Seattle (U-District)

Seattleites are hitting the streets in runway fashion. With fall on our heels, customers are gearing up for the changing leaves with new threads inspired by the latest looks from fashion week.

Buffalo Exchange Seattle U-District 1950s style.

50s fashion is making a big splash from full skirts to bomber jackets. Customers can be seen in pinup looks and rockabilly getups. The flattering cuts of this style make 50s inspired clothing easy to wear. There is a romance to this runway trend that has everyone falling in love.

Buffalo Exchange Seattle U-District androgynous style.

Fashion has no limits in Seattle and gender neutral clothing is making waves on Buffalo Exchange customers. Moody colors and billowing shapes are taking over the racks as customers take on androgynous looks that are not limited by gender.

Buffalo Exchange Seattle U-District moody outfits.

Wrapping up fall fashion, the last big trend to hit the racks is wax print designs. These bold designs are a must have for the fashion forward individual. From the bold use of colors, to the intricate patterns melded together, wax print is a statement piece that makes the transition into fall so fluid.

Buffalo Exchange Seattle U-District wax prints.