The Vintage Buffalo: Zuni Jewelry

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By Jeanette S., The Vintage Buffalo

The history of Zuni jewelry, known for its delicate and intricate stonework, began in the early 1800s when they began creating metalwork with salvaged copper and brass.

Taught to a Zuni blacksmith by a Navajo smith, modern jewelry making and silversmithing began in the early 1870s. By the 1920s, the Zuni began creating wearable works of art with an emphasis on small stone work featuring turquoise, jet, and coral.

Recognizable due to its distinctive style, Zuni jewelry centers around three styles or types of intricate stonework; inlay, needlepoint, and petit point.

This beautiful cuff by F.C. Gasper is sterling silver featuring bright blue turquoise teardrop petit point stone work.  It is available now at The Vintage Buffalo for $350.00.

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