The Speed of God (and pedaling in fashion)

By Rebecca Block, VP of Buffalo Exchange

IMG_7145_EDITI think Janet Miller was right when she created this wonderful painting that I keep in my living room. I have recently rediscovered my love of riding a bike just to enjoy the thrill, and to realize that life is meant to be taken at a reasonable speed.  It reminds me of being six and learning how to ride. I had a green Schwinn with a banana seat. My most distinct memory is of my dad pushing me down 8th Street in front of my bubby Rose’s house.

Buffalo Exchange (6) IMG_7150Fast forward forty some years to another green bike, my Pashley Princess in British racing green, made in the same UK factory all Pashleys have been made in since 1926. This isn’t a bike you wear your stretchy bike shorts and cycling jersey with, it’s a bike built for fashion. Take one look at the chain and skirt guards, and you realize you could push the limits of bikes and fashion. Perhaps a maxi dress on a windy day wouldn’t be prudent, but long skirts aside, it’s only a matter of what looks good.

IMG_7152 Buffalo Exchange (7)So far I’ve only ridden my bike to work with pants on, but it has also been quite cold and I wanted to get to know my new friend. I have started to consider all the many options for spring that will make me look “smart” (as in British smart) as I elegantly make my way through old neighborhoods, across the University of Arizona, and then north a few blocks to our offices.

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange (5)A striped Breton top (don’t these always look smart?) over a pair of ankle length skinny jeans, finished off with oxfords (no socks), or retro canvas sneakers. Perhaps I’ll have a boho resort wear day and slip on a floral lightweight tunic, a pair of skinny knee-length white shorts, and some strappy sandals. I would look adorable too in a polka dot fifties style dress, with a cardigan for the cool in the morning, and a pair of cute ballet flats. The possibilities go on and on. Now, if only I could find a nicely vented bike helmet to match each outfit….