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The Power Shopper: Leather

By Monica Negri, Monica is a Wardrobe and Image consultant of Ten Outfits and has three passions in life – Fashion, Food and Fitness.  All three interweave in and out of her life creating a beautiful balance.

One of my favorite quote’s in a movie is:  “I’m into leather” in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.  I have watched this movie at least 20 times and It makes me laugh every time.  Yes I confess I am into leather too!   The quote in the movie comes early as the young Neurotic Alvy Singer reflects on how his old school classmates turned out.

  • Leather Style “I run a profitable dress company”
  • “I’m President of the Pinkus Plumbing Company”
  •  “I sell thaillis”
  •  “I was a heroin addict now I’m a methadone addict”
  •  “I’m into leather”

If you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend it.  It’s a classic and won Best Picture. So when one thinks of leather there are many interpretations and categories, such as Fashion, Culture, Home Décor, Books, Motorcycles and Cars.  

One might think of a cowboy in leather chaps, leather vest and leather cowboy boots. Or perhaps rock stars and punker’s going crazy and performing in leather pants.   Harley Davidson Motorcyclists can’t be left out.  Harley’s wear very heavy leather jackets and pants for safety to prevent road rash in case of falls, and of course this sends out a tough image.

Then there are luxury leather seats found in car brands such as Mercedes Benz and BMW.  In terms of Home Décor do you dream of sitting on a rich buttery leather couch, chair, or Ottoman?  Leather Bound Books from a past life lined on a book-case in a private library.  Leather has been around for centuries and gives us a sense of richness, class, and history.

This fall, leather is everywhere and is going way beyond jackets.  I have collected great leather pieces the past few years but this year I was on a strong pursuit for additional leather items.  So decided to go on a mission and see what Buffalo Exchange had in the way of leather and the Power Shopper from Ten Outfits Style Consulting scored again.  The following are ten amazing leather purchases.

Leather Style1. Zara  Tall Black Patent Boots   $45.00 Tucson

Leather Style2. Crème Bagatelle  Moto Jacket  $24.00 Tucson

Leather Style3. Mac n Jac Black Jacket  $18.00, was $36.00 Phoenix  and Kenneth Cole Black Skirt $28.00 Tucson

Leather Style4. Trina Turk Black Vest $21, was $42.oo Phoenix

Leather Style5. Forever Brown Vest $17.00 Tucson

Leather Style6. Arden B Leather Sash Belt $22.00 Tucson

Leather Style7. Escada Indigo Blue Skirt $28.00 Tucson

Leather StyleLeather Style8. Maglia Vintage Plum Dress $14.00 was $28.00 Phoenix

Leather Style9. Wilson Pelle Studio Cognac Brown Skirt $22.00 Tucson

Leather Style10. Spenser Jeremy Black Dress $ 18.00 Los Angeles

Leather Style11. Coach Cognac Matte Bucket Bag $44.00 Phoenix

Leather Style12. Faune Black Leather Gloves with Fur Trim $ 14.00 Phoenix

For a few shopping tips and following the leather fall trend these were my top ten.

  1. The Leather Jacket. I suggest going with a classic biker look, double breasted, or fitted zip up.  Go for rich colors  and  keep it simple.
  2. The Leather Vest. Fitted of course and perhaps lined in shearling for those chilly nights.
  3. Leather Tee’s. Imagine your favorite tee in leather.  This gives a look of an edgy undertone while still keeping it basic. It makes you feel special and it is super Luxe which you totally deserve.  Just pair with a straight skirt or your favorite pair of fitted jeans.
  4. Leather corset or belt. This is hipster fresh and I love the idea with a loose dress or a long tunic with leggings and booties. By synching your waistline it defines your waist. Fantastic unexpected accessory.
  5. Leather Leggings.  WHAT!  I thought that would never come out of my mouth. But with the right ones it could be fun and fashionable at the moment.  I would pair with a long cardigan or jacket to give it a long lean line and again keeping it simple.
  6. Leather trim and piping on ladylike skirts and dresses.  I define this as conservative edginess.  In other words keep them guessing as to how much of you exactly is a lady? There is nothing better than sending mixed signals!
  7. Leather Blazers.  Perhaps with a little peplum, feminine detail and unique updates transfer the basic blazer into a statement blazer.
  8. Leather Shorts.  How brave are you and do you have the legs for this? Small percentage can get away with leather shorts but if you are part of that percentage I say go for it! Pair with a V Neck Sweater and Classic Shoes
  9. Leather Handbag.  Quality is so important when it comes to your handbag.  This is an accessory that is with you every day and defines who you are.  Don’t settle for less.
  10. Leather Boots. As with handbags, quality is so important and boots play up a sophisticated side to any outfit with just a tiny hint of edginess.

If you could buy only one new leather item this Fall I would say hands down make it boots.   Boots are a good investment as long as you keep it classic so it has staying power for years to come.  My favorite look of the moment is leggings or a very fitted pant tucked in the boots with a beautiful cashmere sweater.  Yummy!  So go thru your magazines and catalogs, get some ideas and visuals and before you know it you might even say out loud  “ I’m into Leather”!

– Monica, The Power Shopper