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The Power Shopper: Cinderella Shoes

By Monica Negri, Monica is a Wardrobe and Image  consultant of Ten Outfits and  has three passions in life – Fashion, Food and Fitness.  All three interweave in and out of her life creating a beautiful balance.Cinderella ShoesI remember a long time ago going to the movies and seeing Disney’s Classic Cinderella.  I had my tube of Flicks and soaked up the masterpiece at the ripe old age of 6! Circa 1972.

The exciting news is a re-release of this Disney Classic for Blu Ray and DVD.  Who else better to design the limited edition glass slipper than the extraordinary Christian Loubitan?  For the spectacular glass slipper, the famous red sole heels have delicate lace, sparkly butterflies and swarovski crystals.  Cinderella is an icon to the shoe world and this little bit of  Christian Loubitan Magic is delightful.

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Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella ShoesImages via Cinderella – Disney 1950,,

As I looked in my closet to see if I had anything as special, and sparkly as Cinderella’s new shoe, I did indeed find something special. A pair of Bronze Satin floral beaded Gold Sole Heels designed by Judith Leiber more famous for her ornate bags.  These gorgeous shoes were purchased at Buffalo Exchange in Phoenix 6 years ago. They were originally $36.00 marked half off so I paid $18.00.

Cinderella ShoesMy power shopping strategy at Buffalo Exchange is whenever you see something of quality and a high end designer label buy it!  The price is always right and you walk away with a one of a kind item that will be part of your collection that you cherish and love forever.

Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella ShoesNaturally I had my Prince Charming make sure it was the perfect fit. and we lived happily ever after!

-Monica, The Power Shopper