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The Most Interesting Man in the World

Most Interesting Man in the WorldWe recently were honored by the presence of The Most Interesting Man in the World. He took a moment in between vicariously living through himself and being questioned by the police (just because they find him interesting) to answer a few of our questions.

Most Interesting Man in the WorldLet’s start with some general Halloween advice: While it can be fun to take on a different persona, make sure that your everyday one is more intriguing.

What was your first Halloween costume? At age five I went as a lion tamer. The Sultan of Brunei supplied the lion. After a brief battle of wills, Maul and I got along quite well.

Most Interesting Man in the WorldYour favorite Halloween memory? Once while blimping over the Caribbean, I noticed fierce cannonplay between two rival islands. I convinced them, for one day, to replace their cannonballs with pumpkins. The end result: no casualties, a healthy amount of pumpkin pie, and the forming of dual-island nation Trinidad and Tobago.

Turning to fashion, is used/recycled clothing part of your wardrobe? Very much so. One’s actions should be extravagant, not their purchases.

Most Interesting Man in the WorldAny last-minute costume tips? Be it in costume or out, the best thing you can wear … is confidence.

“I don’t always shop for clothes, but when I do, I shop at Buffalo Exchange. Stay stylish my friends.”