The Best Way to Sell Clothes: A Quick Guide to Trading In Your Closet at Buffalo Exchange

The Best Way to Sell Clothes: A Quick Guide to Selling Your Clothes at Buffalo Exchange

By Aarian Frye

Ready to clean out your closet and looking for the best way to sell clothes? Here’s a handy guide to navigate through your overstuffed wardrobe and into the world of resale fashion! Keep reading for a few tips to easily pare down and sell your past favorites to Buffalo Exchange.

The Best Way to Sell Clothes at Buffalo Exchange Closet Cleanout

Go Marie Kondo on Your Closet

The first step is to Marie Kondo your closet! Ask yourself if you’ve worn it in the past year or if you’re only holding onto it for sentimental reasons (your mom gave it to you, you really liked it but never get around to wearing it, etc). Most importantly, ask yourself if it truly sparks joy for you! If you’re keeping an item under the conditions of losing or gaining weight, magically growing six inches as an adult or being invited to some fantastical special occasion, it may be time to sell it or donate it so that it can spark joy for someone new.


Get Sorted

As you pull items out of your closet, the second step is to sort everything into two piles – one to sell at Buffalo Exchange and one to donate. If an item has a small spot that won’t wash out or a hole, you may want to donate it to a local non-profit. Pro Tip: Don’t over-edit your bag of items to sell! Buffalo takes in the best of all seasons, year-round and is always looking for a wide variety of freshly laundered styles in good condition. When in doubt, bring it in! PS If there’s no Buffalo near you or you’re too busy to bring your closet cleanout into the store, try Sell By Mail. Order a kit online, fill it up and drop it off with UPS! Within a few weeks of Buffalo Exchange receiving it, you’ll have extra cash in your pocket or trade to spend.


The Best Way to Sell Clothes

Woohoo, you made it to Buffalo Exchange! If there are other people waiting to sell, the Buyers may ask you to have a seat or jump in line. When they call you up to the counter, they’ll ask for your ID and phone number. If you’re anxious about your clothing being judged, don’t stress. Buffalo’s Buyers will be happy to take a look at everything you brought and they base their decisions off of styles that are currently selling well for the store, not off a personal judgment call. In order to make educated decisions, Buyers go through a ton of initial training and, even after that, it’s an ongoing learning process. Buyers spend a lot of time researching current styles, talking to customers about what they’re shopping for and going through the store’s inventory to find out what’s selling well, what’s not selling so well and which areas are either lacking or overly full.


Even if you’re eager to shop around, it’s often handy to hang out at the buy counter so that you can ask any questions you have and find out what they’re pricing each of your items for – your Buyer will let you know a selling price for anything they can buy and you’ll have the option to take either 30% of that in cash or 50% in trade on-the-spot. This is what makes Buffalo one of the best ways to sell clothes – it’s super easy and convenient! No need to wait for your items to sell or spend the time listing them out online.

If you’re interested in donating any of the items they’re unable to buy to a local non-profit, just ask your Buyer! Many Buffalo Exchange stores team up with charities in the local community who pick up clothing on a weekly basis. This way, your past-favorites won’t perpetually live in your closet AND you can feel good about making sure no clothing goes to waste!


Time to Shop!

When you’re done selling, you can either head straight to the register to pick up your cash or, even better, go shopping! Contrary to popular belief, shopping is a crucial part of cleaning out your closet (in fact, it’ll probably even inspire you to do a second round of paring down). And why pay full price at the mall when you could find the same pieces for a fraction of the price at Buffalo? You’ll get even more bang for your buck by putting your trade towards your wardrobe update.


If you do decide to shop with trade and you have anything left over following your purchase, you can take it in cash or on a trade card for later (they never expire and can be used at any Buffalo Exchange!). BONUS: instead of getting a plastic bag, you’ll receive a token to donate five cents to one of three local non-profits. And there you have it! Recycling your clothes, helping out local charities and walking away with some sweet new threads? Now that really is the best way to sell clothes. If your bag of past favorite pieces is ready to go, head on down to your local Buffalo Exchange to sell, shop and trade!