Buffalo Exchange Long Beach

Employees Chaz Dennis and Kym Williams and Customer Jarae Holieway show us the best of their Solange inspired style!

Buffalo ExchangeWe are obsessed with Solange and her newly adapted afro-centric style. From the mixing of tribal and ethnic prints to eclectic jewelry, head wraps and long braids. With Solange being one of the more popular celebrities to explore afro-centric style, she is inspiring fashion lovers around the world to experiment as well. The look is highly inspired by Darlene and Lizzy Okpo of William Okpo. Their use of bold textiles and prints with well-tailored silhouettes adorns her head to toe in the “Loosing you” video. Also infusing designers like Loin and Cloth, TART, Givenchy, Diane Von Furstenberg, Kenzo, J Crew and Balenciaga, she is head to toe perfection! We HEART it!

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