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Entertainment is Served

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

I’m not a foodie. Not even close. Most of my dining experiences involve the phrase, “I’ll have the #9.” So I was more than a bit skeptical when a friend recommended I try the Netflix series Chef’s Table. Once I began watching, however, that skepticism soon transformed into an appetite for more. How so? Let’s just say that this show, like all good recipes, contains a secret ingredient.

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Recycling Mythbusters

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Do you ever find yourself hesitating as you’re about to put something into the recycling bin? “Hmm, I think this supposed to go in here…” While we all want to recycle as much as we can, it can often be confusing. So let’s dispel some common myths and give ourselves fewer reasons for hesitation…

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Composting Made Easy

By Sarah English and Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ (with photos by Sarah and Stephanie Lew)

Hi! My name is Sarah English and I love Buffalo Exchange, because of their recycled earth-friendly atmosphere! I completed a degree in Horticulture and have worked in Buffalo Exchange’s Accounting & Payroll departments for the past five years. Though my job is pretty schedule-oriented, composting doesn’t have to be!

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Art by E Upcycled Art

By Inara E., Buffalo Exchange HQ

Upcycling takes something old and reimagines it in a fresh way. So it’s no surprise that, after stops in San Diego, Seattle and Portland, upcycling artist Eric Osborne recently moved back to the town he grew up in, Tucson, to reimagine art in a fresh way. He creates his pieces by recycling skateboards, aluminum cans, old metal, or whatever comes his way. Always loving the challenge of discovering new materials to work with, he finds the objects he uses everywhere – sometimes they even seem to find him. To Eric, it’s all about keeping an open mind.

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Stuck on You

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

So as I take an early evening stroll, I look up and notice a twenty foot palm tree – but with a cactus growing right out of it. On my way home, I look up and notice a rain gutter – but with a cactus growing right out of it. So, in tribute to these uncommon displays of resiliency, I now give you anecdotes related to that wonder of the desert, vegetation’s porcupine, the cactus.

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Buffalo Exchange Tokens for Bags program

Tokens for Bags® Charities Fall 2016

Every six months we support local charities through our Tokens for Bags® program. Shoppers are encouraged to accept a token instead of a bag for purchases and we donate five cents (the cost of the bag) to a charity of the customer’s choice. Since 1994, we have raised over $656,798 for thousands of local nonprofit organizations through our Tokens for Bags® program, saving 13.1 million bags from polluting the environment.

Find your local Buffalo Exchange below and check out the charities you can give back to.

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The Goods: Tucson

By Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

Tucson, Arizona is home to beautiful desert landscape, where you can find amazing southwestern clothing and accessories as well as great sterling jewelry. Take a look at these fantastic goodies spotted at the Tucson Campus location.

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American Trailblazer

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

You know those “doodles” that occasionally appear on Google’s homepage to celebrate a person or event? Well there have been 763 folks commemorated in this way since Claude Monet first appeared there in the fall of 2001.

I’ve got a heck of a suggestion for the next.

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Six of the Best Tips to Selling Clothes at Buffalo Exchange

By Stephanie Lew, Buffalo Exchange HQ

A change of season often results in a closet refresh. It’s the best time to be most in tune with what to keep and what to sell. When you are ready to sell your clothes, grab it all, and bring it into Buffalo Exchange. Here are six tips that I use when cleaning out my closet to get the most out of selling:

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Meet Our Customer: Tierra

By Gabriella De Brequet & Deandra Binder, Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

It’s everyone’s favorite season in Arizona—spring! In Tucson we’ve been seeing many customers looking for 70s classic vintage pieces, western circle skirts, and cute peasant blouses that you can pair with cutoffs and be ready for the weekend!

Meet Tierra, avid lover of Buffalo Exchange and western vintage, who let us in on her favorite styles and what pieces she’s got her eyes out for this season.
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