Kodachrome: Tucson

Check out these great photos from Tucson photographer, Seanloui with clothing provided by Buffalo Exchange Tucson East Side.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Photographer: Seanloui
Model: Shannon Marie
Stylist: Nicole D’Anna

The Desert-dweller

By Claudette Bustamante, Buffalo Exchange Tucson (East Side)

Buffalo Exchange

Nights are getting colder, but we desert-dwellers still have hot style! Heavily embroidered pieces that have a vintage and southwestern feel are the hot ticket items in Tucson. Thick natural fabrics like linen and heavy cotton are perfect for keeping cozy without a lot of bulk. Colors that closely reflect the desert landscape are popular in representing our town in an earthy, chic style. Oh and don’t think we’ve forgotten about our classic cowboy boots! Standard leather with fun accent pieces freshen up the traditional southern look.

Fox and the Houndstooth

By Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Eastside)

Buffalo Exchange

Here in Tucson, fall may seem distant but the leaves falling elsewhere gets us cozy for fall fashion.

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