Women’s Trends

By Christina S. and Jennifer W., Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

Hello, 2015! Welcome to a new year: time to re-engage, reshape, and renew. January brings a blank page, a fresh start. Who will you become this year? At the Tucson (Campus) location, we created vision boards to assess our personal goals, cement our commitments to progress, and forecast the fickle fashion movements of 2015. Trends are a touchy subject; we simply can’t agree. What if “trendy” means something different to each of us: creepers and t-shirt dresses, big hats with big attitude, boyfriend jeans and fierce jewelry, or crop-tops and custom-made treasures. Despite our different takes on trendy, we can agree on something—no matter what we wear, we will represent our truest selves and look good doing it. 2015 is the year to move boldly, make a statement, be your own brand; it is the year to be expressive, take a risk, and shine through the multitudes. At Buffalo Exchange, we dare you to wear your own interpretation of style.

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Meet Our Customer: Hasan

By Victoria T., Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

“I think my favorite movies might just be Breakfast Club and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, basically anything that has to do with breakfast,” Hasan laughs. This was one of the many questions I asked during our quick interview. Classic movies, filled with culture and style icons of decades since passed, which sums up Hasan Nuri.

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