YouTuber Lynette Cenee featured Buffalo Exchange


YouTuber Lynette Cenee featured Buffalo Exchange in “How to shop for free” on March 12, 2015: “…I always go into Buffalo Exchange…it originated in Tucson, so I’ve actually been doing this before I moved to LA…one amazing thing is they do buy stuff that doesn’t have to be in season. … you can take stuff that you still maybe might really like, but that you don’t wear super often, and you know that you could potentially  get another piece that you will wear a lot. … So that’s why I say ‘how to shop for free,’ because you can buy a couple pieces, trade it in, and then have all of this to chose from [clothing and accessory items at Buffalo Exchange La Brea]. … for me personally I always pick the trade, because that’s how I shop for free—trading in all my old stuff. …”



Valentine’s Day Outfits

By Buffalo Exchange La Brea

Buffalo Exchange La Brea has a multitude of choices for the ladies when it comes to your Valentine’s Day look. Here’s how to style to complete your date night outfit!

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CBS Los Angeles listed Buffalo Exchange in “Best Shopping In Sherman Oaks”


CBS Los Angeles listed Buffalo Exchange in “Best Shopping In Sherman Oaks” on September 29, 2014: “… this Sherman Oaks outpost has been providing some of the best prices for some of the trendiest thrifty clothes for several years now. … many customers have come away with brand name and vintage accessories in great condition and at rock bottom prices. It’s one of the few places where you can get a deal on some otherwise very costly fashion pieces.”

Style File: LA (La Brea)

By Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (La Brea)

LA has all of the fun, all of the time. From all black ensembles to floral kimonos—Angelenos always look the part! Leather jackets are in no short supply with us being close to the world famous Melrose/Fairfax shopping strip. Girls play it up with bold floral pieces and knee length skirts. Angelenos make their presence known on the always sunny streets of LA with the best accessory: confidence!

Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles employees.

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40th Tour: Santa Monica

By Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica

Buffalo Exchange

To start off one of the hottest weeks in Los Angeles, we were visited by the wonderfully decorated touring Buffalo Exchange 40th Anniversary trailer. Thankfully the ocean breeze kept our eager shoppers cool on Main Street, Santa Monica. Our shoppers enjoyed thirst quenching refreshments and delicious popcorn. They also were excited to join in the festive body paint we had in-store and many shoppers walked away with fun brightly colored arm bands!

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40th Tour: LA (La Brea)

By Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (La Brea)

Buffalo Exchange

It was a beautiful day at Buffalo Exchange on La Brea! Celebrating 40 years of business, shoppers showed up to take in all of the fabulous curated vintage and western clothing inside of our 1969 Airstream. Stepping into the trailer, shoppers were treated to a stimulating arrangement of clothing spanning several decades: leather, fringe, suede, and the best polyester filled the racks. Smiles were in no short supply. Our smallest customer of the day, Khali, brought laughter and lots of positive energy to everyone around her! She showed up in style and added a fantastic new blouse to her collection. It’s good to start collecting great clothes at a young age. She told us she is off to Ohio in a few weeks and we hope she packs what her parents purchased for her trip. Other customers shared stories of being from Tucson, where we originated forty years ago, and the cause of this tour celebration. Los Angeles, we had a blast meeting and chatting with you as you came and checked out our trailer. We sincerely appreciate you stopping by and chatting with us. We hope you found some fabulous pieces! Cheers to another 40 years.

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What Are We Thankful For …

By Ana Ayon, Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks


As the end of the year begins to approach, our introspective side becomes a bit more active than usual, culminating in Thanksgiving—a holiday in which we are supposed to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and express our gratitude for all the good we have in it. This year has been one of great change for me; I am first and foremost thankful for the unrelenting sense of resilience I’ve had to muster in order to “roll with the punches,” so to speak. I don’t know where I’d be without it and I’m glad it’s here with me. In addition, I am thankful for my family and the friends who have supported and assisted me throughout the trials and tribulations of moving to Los Angeles. Last but not least, I’m thankful for having a job that allows me to juggle the demands of college while simultaneously allowing me to find fashionable clothes on a regular basis. Living the life of a broke college student has never looked so good!

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By Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (La Brea)Buffalo ExchangeWho says you can’t be covered from head-to-toe in the summer. The Los Angeles heat wave has brought about fierce and fiery street fashion. Beanies and boots no longer have to wait until fall! Julian, Aubree and Terrell show us how to sport boots and hats during the summer.