Buffalo Exchange LA employee Mykull for meet our team.

Meet Our Team: Mykull London aka Michael Borum

By Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (Hollywood)

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood buyer expert Mykull takes us through his closet and how his personal style has grown.

My personal aesthetic, I would describe, is a trendy culture clash. It’s a mix of indigenous basics and uniquely crafted leather goods. Many of my leather goods are a great juxtaposition to the simple and fluid clothing I wear. If it isn’t leather, I don’t want it!

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Wilhelmina model Tanner Zagarino and Youtube star Grffin Arnlund.

YouTube Personality: Griffin Arnlund

Photography by Krissy Saleh (@KrissySaleh)

In our 2015 Fall/Winter Zine we feature YouTuber Griffin Arnlund! Griffin and Wilhelmina model Tanner Zagarino headed to Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles to style the latest fall trends. We also took a moment to interview Griffin about her YouTube start, fashion, and resale shopping tips!

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CBS Los Angeles lists Buffalo Exchange in “Best Shopping in Sherman Oaks”


CBS Los Angeles lists Buffalo Exchange in “Best Shopping in Sherman Oaks” on September 14, 2015: “…Whether you’re looking to get some cash for your clothes or get a deal on your next outfit, this Sherman Oaks outpost has been providing some of the best prices for some of the trendiest thrifty clothes for several years now. … It’s one of the few places where you can get a deal on some otherwise very costly fashion pieces. …”

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks employee and her father for Father's Day blog.

Best Father’s Day Gift = Shopping!

By Liz, Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks

Father’s Day, that treasured Hallmark tradition of celebrating dad with grand parties and declarations of love. For my family this usually means watching a nine hour Star Wars marathon on TNT. Picking out gifts for my dad is completely futile. He’s never actually used anything I’ve given him. As I type this I can see the complete box set of Indiana Jones movies on laserdisc that I gave him in 1999…still in their plastic wrap.

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YouTuber Lynette Cenee featured Buffalo Exchange


YouTuber Lynette Cenee featured Buffalo Exchange in “How to shop for free” on March 12, 2015: “…I always go into Buffalo Exchange…it originated in Tucson, so I’ve actually been doing this before I moved to LA…one amazing thing is they do buy stuff that doesn’t have to be in season. … you can take stuff that you still maybe might really like, but that you don’t wear super often, and you know that you could potentially  get another piece that you will wear a lot. … So that’s why I say ‘how to shop for free,’ because you can buy a couple pieces, trade it in, and then have all of this to chose from [clothing and accessory items at Buffalo Exchange La Brea]. … for me personally I always pick the trade, because that’s how I shop for free—trading in all my old stuff. …”



Valentine’s Day Outfits

By Buffalo Exchange La Brea

Buffalo Exchange La Brea has a multitude of choices for the ladies when it comes to your Valentine’s Day look. Here’s how to style to complete your date night outfit!

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