Off Topic: Racqueteering

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

Buffalo Exchange

Long before Macklemore, I knew the thrift shop was the place to be. Salvaging items that others discarded can be lots of fun, but I soon realized that I needed to focus my hunting. Having two dozen disparate items on the wall can make your home resemble a TGI Friday’s, while two dozen of the same type of item can carry a powerful dose of intention.

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Uniquely You

By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange Vice President

Buffalo ExchangeI’m going to share a well-known secret about my dogs with all of you; they are all rat terriers. One of my daughter’s friends came over a while ago and asked why we had four dogs since they are all the same. I was amazed, but realized that she may not have seen how different each one of them is. For starters they are all different sizes, and the two that are closest in size are almost opposites in colorations, ear set and personality. Each one to me is so unique that I was just baffled that she saw them only as one dog.

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Fancy Friday

By Buffalo Exchange Phoenix

Buffalo ExchangeIn most workplace environments, individuals look forward to Friday as the signal to a weekend and also a day to be casual. Here at Buffalo Exchange Phoenix we are pretty casual most days. So, instead of having the average casual Friday we have transformed Fridays into “Fancy Fridays!” It gives us a chance to break out of the casual routine and get a little fancy! We all have different styles from funky vintage dresses to boho-inspired ensembles—we are even a little quirky. This summer heat may try to zap our fashion inspiration, but looking forward to “Fancy Fridays” gets our store excited to showcase some of the fancier summer trends. We plan to continue the excitement through the rest of summer, getting fancy every weekend through August!

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Les Fleurs de Portland

By: Mackenzie Roberts & Emily Corsones

Portland is known for its rainy, gloomy spring weather, but what do those April showers bring us for summer?

Buffalo ExchangeMay flowers! After waiting out all the drear, Portlanders get excited for the first blossoms of summer. These pretty petals inspire us in many aspects of our lives, including the way we dress. You’ll see the transformation from rustic winter wear to bright, flowing chiffons and chunky statement jewelry.

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The Results Are In…

Drum Roll Please…..

Buffalo ExchangeThe 2013 Earth Day $1 Sale has officially raised $43,496.97 for The Humane Society of the United States Be Cruelty-Free campaign. Thanks to all that attended the $1 Sale, The Humane Society, and all of our employees for making this event a success! Last year, Buffalo Exchange raised a total of $35,415.95 for The Humane Society and has raised over $424,000 for environmental causes through Dollar Day Sales on Earth Day since 1997.

The bunnies can’t thank those enough who signed the Be Cruelty-Free campaign in the fight to end animal testing in the production of beauty products forever! Your commitment to a better tomorrow for these animals showed throughout YOUR pledge photos:

Buffalo Exchange (1) Buffalo Exchange (2) Buffalo Exchange (3) Buffalo Exchange (4) Buffalo Exchange (5) Buffalo Exchange (6) Buffalo ExchangeWe mention we also had a successful year for Coats for Cubs—952 fur donations. Thank you to all who donated, the rehabilitation facilities around the nation, and all of our employees for another great Coats for Cubs year! You are helping in the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned animals across the United States. These donations are crucial in rehabilitation by providing a more natural and nurturing environment for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Buffalo Exchange

Fashion of the Herd

Buffalo Exchange EACOver the past few days a group of up and coming Buffaloes met in Tempe for one of our annual meetings! They say you can spot a Buffalo out easily and heres the proof. Check out the awesome fashions of some of these ladies and lads.

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Go Ask Kara

By Kara (@GoAskKara), Buffalo Exchange Georgetown

Buffalo Exchange (1)I have been in the process of doing a total closet turn over! I see beautiful clothes all day, every day at my little Georgetown, DC Buffalo Exchange so I am CONSTANTLY trading old clothes for new ones. My plan was to start selling off all of my sweaters and NOT buy anymore. I did not stick to that plan. However, I have mixed in a lot of great pieces for Spring and Summer in all of my many Buffalo Exchange hauls!

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Spring it on!

 Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

Buffalo Exchange (1)If you’re tired of “what’s hot right now” try out these classic spring floral & nautical trends; floral and nautical! You’ll look super cute no matter where you decide to spend Spring Break! Bring on the sunshine!
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Help the Bunnies

Buffalo ExchangeWe’re partnering with the The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to help end animal testing—one dollar at a time. All proceeds from our annual $1 Earth Day Sale (Saturday, April 20, 2013) will be donated to the HSUS “Be Cruelty Free” campaign to help raise awareness about needless animal testing in the production of beauty products.

Chemicals in animal-tested cosmetics can be harmful to you and our planet. How can you help prevent the needless suffering and death to rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice? Join Buffalo Exchange and sign the pledge to Be Cruelty-Free online at the HSUS. Find animal-friendly cosmetic brands with this handy Leaping Bunny shopping guide.

Buffalo ExchangeThen help spread the word and share the 5 Thing You Can Do to Be Cruelty Free tip card to educate and encourage your friends to adopt responsible cruelty-free purchasing decisions. Go ahead and tag #becrueltyfree @humanesociety @buffaloexchange and visit for more resources.

Buffalo ExchangeWe’re giving away ten $20 Buffalo Exchange Gift Cards to Be Cruelty-Free pledgees!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Help in the fight to stop cosmetic testing on animals by taking the pledge to Be Cruelty-Free!
  2. Post a photo of yourself with a “I Pledge to Be Cruelty-Free” sign to our facebook wall.

We’ll stamp your image with the pledge badge and post it to our Cruelty Free Facebook Album. Winners will be selected on April 22nd

The annual Earth Day benefits at Buffalo Exchange stores have raised over $357,000 for environmental causes since 1997.
Costa Mesa Buffalo Exchange location in The LAB will hold their $1 Day Sale on April 7.