Buffalo Exchange Tokens for Bags program

Tokens for Bags® Charities Fall 2016

Every six months we support local charities through our Tokens for Bags® program. Shoppers are encouraged to accept a token instead of a bag for purchases and we donate five cents (the cost of the bag) to a charity of the customer’s choice. Since 1994, we have raised over $656,798 for thousands of local nonprofit organizations through our Tokens for Bags® program, saving 13.1 million bags from polluting the environment.

Find your local Buffalo Exchange below and check out the charities you can give back to.

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Style Icon: Mom

By Frances Rich, Buffalo Exchange Chicago

Hello my name is Frances Rich and I work at the Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park. For Mother’s Day I decided to interview one of my fashion icons, my mom! She currently resides in Portland and has a style that consists of staple pieces and other unique ones that she’s found over the years. Growing up I looked up to my mom completely as a style icon. She’s taught me that style is not about how much money you spend on your clothes or what brand it is, but it’s about how you present it and how you feel when you’re wearing them. Now that I’m older, I find myself shopping the same way she does, picking pieces that others might not choose right away. I’m so proud and thankful to have a stylish mom! Without her my wardrobe would be nowhere near as interesting as it is today.

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40th Tour: Chicago

By Liz Welker, Buffalo Exchange Chicago

Buffalo Exchange (8)All the Buffalos in Chicago love a reason for flair,

and the 40th Anniversary tour was such an affair.


With excitement they waited, for the stories foretold,

of the magical Airstream, and the wonders it would hold.


The trailer had arrived! It was gleaming and festive,

filled with silver and leather and all things southwestive.


The Earth Day sale was a successful endeavor,

and Mother Nature gave them a break from the “worst winter ever.”


The store was packed with shoppers! It was bustlin’ and shakin’!

And some kid bought a t-shirt with the face of Kevin Bacon.


The band was a-rockin’ and the corn was a-poppin’.

It seemed everyone in town wanted to do some smart shoppin’.


The Buffalos could have spent all-night with their fashionable friends,

but sadly the party had to come to an end.


“Don’t go!” the Buffalos cried, as the trailer pulled away.

“Fear not, my Buffalos, I’ll be back someday!

Well, probably not…


but what’s important is to remember me fondly, for I’m out there somewhere!

Wherever a soul needs fashion inspiration, I will be there!


And across this great land my anthem shall ring,

‘Great Fashion at Great Prices!’ I’ll joyously sing.”


So let’s give a toast to our fortieth year!

To Kerstin and Spencer, and Buffalos far and near!


What better way to celebrate than this day full of cheer?

And now I think that we all deserve some beer, because we had such a successful event…


Hmm, that kind of fell apart on me at the end there. I’m also now realizing that I have written that the trailer is talking to us. That’s sort of nonsensical and out of nowhere, oh well. It’s really nice that you’re still reading, but the poem is clearly over.

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Make a Fall Statement

By Buffalo Exchange Chicago

Buffalo Exchange

Fall is a fashion lover’s dream! It’s that time of year when you can make more of a statement with the accessories you pile on.

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Street Style: Chicago

Chicago StyleChicago weather keeps you on your toes this time of year. One day it’s 80 degrees and rainy, the next it’s 50 and sunny. Layers are the key to staying on top of it all. The key to looking fresh while layering is structure, balance, and color! Ladies go for styled up drama and detail, while dudes go for simplistic graphic patterns. Nick showcases a touch of 60s pop with by pairing a striped sweater with his two tone jacket and shoes. The canary yellow slacks help ease the transition from summer to fall. Nami has all her bases covered in a sheer blouse, bright cords, a printed scarf, and textured loafers.Full Story