Easy Ways to Save Money: Make Your Budget Resolutions a Reality in 2019!

By Savy Kroop, Buffalo Exchange HQ

It’s one thing to make a resolution to save more money, but actually doing it can be a whole different story. If I’m being honest, I’m definitely guilty of giving up on my New Year’s resolutions by February 1st (if not sooner…). So, to keep myself on track, I came up with some easy ways to save money and some tips and tricks for sticking to my budget!

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Write Down Your Budget

My first suggestion? Write down your budget. This might seem obvious, but being able to visualize your spending habits can be a wakeup call! If possible, share your goals with a close friend or family member – it’s always good to have someone who can hold you accountable, keep you honest and encourage you. For example, the last time I made a budget, I estimated $40 a week on eating out. My roommate just shook his head… we both knew it wasn’t true. If you’re looking for some easy ways to save money, it’s important to start out by being honest about your spending habits!

To get started, write your monthly income at the top and, below that, write down how much you’d like to save this month. Remember – any savings is good savings! Next, start listing out all your necessary expenses (groceries, rent, etc). You can distribute anything left over among your unnecessary expenses like shopping, eating out, going out with friends, health and beauty, and so on. The goal here is to end up at 0. If the amount is negative, cut down one or more of your “unnecessary” categories. At the end of the month, be sure to reevaluate – it can be hard to accurately budget at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it!

Treat Yourself – at Home!

If you’re looking for easy ways to save money in the “going out” category, this is the resolution for you! I think we can all agree that treating yourself and spending time with your BFFs is important for self-care. However, going to the nail salon, getting brunch every Sunday or going out for fancy cocktails with friends can get expensive. I’m not saying to cut these things out of your life in 2019 – just choose to treat yourself at home every now and then! This year, I plan to organize weekly “treat yourself” nights with my close friends. And, since we all know that Sunday brunch is the best part of the week, I plan to organize weekly brunch potlucks!

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Easy Ways to Save Money on Clothes: Shop For Free!

Lastly, my absolute favorite thing to do at the beginning of the year is a wardrobe overhaul! I love to start fresh with my closet, but without spending a lot of money, so I clean out my closet and then head into Buffalo Exchange to trade in for some new-to-me finds. I always find a lot of pieces there that spark joy (thank you, Marie Kondo, for the tip!).

To start, really try to pinpoint your style – reflect on what you see yourself wearing for the new year and, once you have a clear idea, begin going through every item in your closet (yes, I said EVERY item). Begin sorting items into three categories: keep, sell and donate. Try only holding on to items that you truly love. Like Marie Kondo would say, “Keep only those things that speak to your heart”. Once you’re done, you’re ready to head to your local Buffalo Exchange!

You really can’t beat the prices of shopping secondhand, especially if you sell your closet cleanout and put the trade you receive towards your new-to-you finds. Talk about easy ways to save money (not to mention fun!). Phew! Finally, a New Year’s budget resolution that I won’t have any trouble keeping. If you don’t live near a Buffalo Exchange, you can always try the Sell By Mail program. Just request a bag online, fill it up and mail it for free via UPS. Well, that’s it from me – I’m off to plan a “treat yourself” Sunday brunch for me and my friends. Happy budgeting!

New Year, New You Giveaway

Buffalo Exchange Richmond x Katie Blue Salon Giveaway!

Hey Carytown, Buffalo Exchange Richmond is teaming up with Katie Blue Salon to help you start the year off with a fresh new look! We’re giving away a $100 Buffalo Exchange gift card and a styling session at our Carytown location plus a salon shampoo + blowdry from Katie Blue Salon and hair products for you to take home. Enter from January 15th through January 31st by signing up for our email list at BuffaloExchange.com/KatieBlueSalon!


Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa Buying

Sell Your Clothes at Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa!

Hey there, Costa Mesa! Buffalo Exchange wants to buy your closet cleanout – especially men’s jackets, sweaters and jeans! We’re also looking for women’s jackets and anything else you’re cleaning out. We buy the best of all seasons,  year-round, so stop by today! Your closet cleanout could bring you 30% of our selling price back in cash or 50% in trade to put towards a new-to-you 2019 wardrobe.

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission) Wants Your Winter Menswear!

Hey, guys! Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission) is looking for men’s jackets and sweaters to add to our inventory this winter. Whether you’re cleaning out menswear or anything else, we also buy the best of all seasons! Bring in your past favorites and you could receive 30% back in cash or 50% in trade to put towards your spring wardrobe update. Your closet cleanout may have just what we’ve been looking for, so stop by today!

Buffalo Exchange Bay Area Hiring Event

Hey there, Bay Area! Start out the new year with a job you love! Apply to Buffalo Exchange during our hiring event happening Friday, January 18 – Saturday, January 19th. We are looking for a hardworking, fashion-obsessed individual to join the herd as an Associate Manager at our Berkeley location. Want to become a professional treasure hunter? We’re also on the hunt for individuals who love fashion and love working with people to join our team as full-time and part-time Buyers at all of our Bay Area stores!

You can aslo help maintain a fun and safe environment in our store as a full-time or part-time Floor Security Assistant at our Berkeley and Haight St. stores. Benefits include full health coverage, paid time off, a 401(k) retirement plan and employee discounts. If this sounds like the right fit, head to any Bay Area Buffalo Exchange on Friday, January 18 or Saturday, January 19  and fill out an application in person. We can’t wait to meet you!

Buffalo Exchange Berkeley: Assistant Store Manager, full-time and part-time Buyers, full-time or part-time Floor Security Assistant

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St.): Full-time and part-time Buyers, full-time or part-time Floor Security Assistant

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission): Full-time and part-time Buyers

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Wants Your Winter Clothes!

What’s up, Queens? If your New Year’s resolution is to clean out your closet and start fresh, Buffalo Exchange Astoria is here to help. We’re currently buying winter clothing for men and women and we’re particularly in need of jackets + coats, chunky knit sweaters, dresses, tees and even shoes! In exchange for your past favorites, you could receive 30% back in cash or 50% back in trade to spend on a new-to-you wardrobe. Our buy counter is open all day, every day, so come see us today!

Happy New Year and Thank You for a Fantastic 2018!

As 2018 comes to a close, we’re thinking about our hopes and resolutions for 2019, but we’re also thinking about all the great things that happened over the past year. We’d like to say thank you to all who have made our success possible. Best wishes and Happy New Year to all of our wonderful Buffalos – customers and employees alike! We couldn’t do it without you. Cheers to a fantastic 2019!

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With 2019 on the horizon, we’re always looking to expand our Buffalo family. If you love fashion, people and working hard while having fun, make it your New Year’s resolution to join our herd! Apply in-store or online today. Happy New Year!

Sell By Mail Charity $1 Sale Benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern AZ!

Hey, Tucson! It’s time for the first $1 sale of the year! On Friday, January 18th, join us at 100 E Drachman (Buffalo Exchange Headquarters) to shop a selection of men’s and women’s clothing for only $1 apiece! All proceeds from the sale will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona. The sale is CASH ONLY and begins at 9am while supplies last, so be sure to get there early. Start your year off with fun, fashion and charity!

Date: Friday, January 18

Time: 9am, while supplies last

Location: Buffalo Exchange Headquarters (100 E Drachman); street parking only!

*** Please note that this sale is not at our store on Speedway.***

Winter-Menswear-Blog-Header Layering Sweaters and Jackets

Menswear Winter Style Guide: Tips for Layering Up and Staying Warm

By Aarian, Buffalo Exchange HQ

When it comes to dressing stylishly for winter, it can be a challenge. Amidst the doldrums of gray skies and freezing temperatures, you may find it easier to throw on whatever’s laying on your floor, plus a large puffy jacket and call it a day. No longer, my dudes! I enlisted the help of my boyfriend Dylan (read: cajoled him thoroughly) to show how you can put together a variety of warm winter looks with some smart layering and just a few key pieces. Of course, we shopped at Buffalo Exchange Tucson for the best deals. Read ahead to find out how to style menswear in dropping temperatures without dropping major coin!

Buffalo Exchange Winter Menswear Herringbone Sports Coat Scarf Vans

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Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis Wants Your Closet Cleanout!

Hey, Minnesota!  There’s no better time than the new year to start fresh and bring your closet cleanout to Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis. We’re currently buying clothing and accessories for winter and the best of all seasons like jackets, sweaters, dresses and denim. Remember: we also buy men’s clothing, including shoes! Our buy counter is open all day, every day, so grab your closet cleanout and show us your awesome sense of style – you could leave with cash or trade to spend on your winter and spring wardrobe!