Tax Savings Weekends

Save even more on your fall wardrobe during Tax Savings weekends in select states this August! Shop great deals on all of your favorite trends, plus everyday staples like jeans, tees and sneakers – your wallet will thank you! Cleaning out your closet for fall? While you’re here, be sure to bring in last year’s favorites. You could take home 30% of our selling price in cash or 50% in trade to put towards your new-to-you wardrobe. Scroll down for more details and to find out if there’s a tax saving event happening in your area!

August 17-18: Boston (Allston & Somerville) – Shop all items under $2,500 tax-free

Buffalo Exchange Boston Somerville Wardrobe Essentials

Spring to Summer Wardrobe Essentials

By Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville)

Now that it’s warm out and the full heat of summer is on the horizon, you may find yourself with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. We took three spring/summer wardrobe essentials – overalls, lightweight pants and a bodysuit – and styled them for balmy 70-degree days and hot-hot-hot 90-degree days alike. Make your spring wardrobe work for the new season with these tips!

Overall, a Great Look

Buffalo Exchange Boston Somerville Wardrobe Essentials Overalls

First up, we went for the most popular item of the season – overalls!  For those days when the weather’s still sticking in the 70s, we layered these denim cut-off overalls over a ribbed sweater (oh hey, 90s fashion) and threw on a quilted, satin bomber from Topshop.  To amp this look up for 90-degree days, we swapped out the warmer sweater for a fun knit crop top in a bright color. Throw on some sweet shades with metallic sandals and you’re ready for summer fun!

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