Sedona Band Photographed by Katherine Bonnie

Meet Sedona – One of Brooklyn’s Bands to Watch

By Katherine Bonnie & Aarian Frye, Photography by Katherine Bonnie

Sedona, band in vintage nightgowns, photographed by Katherine Bonnie

Meet Sedona: the electrifying dirty pop group based out of New York City. The band is comprised of five members: Tia on drums, Merilyn on keyboard, Claire on guitar, and Lily on bass with lead singer Sedona at the forefront. Even though the group has a wide array of personal styles, they’re all avid thrifters with an appreciation for vintage gems. It’s little surprise, then, that the group loves shopping at Buffalo! “I’ve shopped at Buffalo for as long as I’ve lived in New York, so four years now,” Claire says. “My entire outfit is from Buffalo Exchange!” Tia adds.

Sedona, band seated for portrait, photographed by Katherine Bonnie

Sedona did their first tour in March of 2019, driving 70 hours across the country in an old church bus to play SXSW and venues in New Orleans, Pennsylvania and their home base of NYC. “We played a bunch of shows. It was beyond fun to travel and perform with a group of inspiring ladies that I’m lucky enough to call my family!” says lead singer Sedona. They returned full of inspiration for new projects. All five members of the band light up when they talk about their plans for the group. “We set aside some time this summer to write together, which was a first for us, and we can’t wait to play more shows.”

Sedona’s next show is at Rough Trade in Brooklyn on Wednesday, August 14th. You can find their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube and keep up with the band on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re feeling inspired by this band’s catchy tunes and unique personal styling, head to your local Buffalo Exchange to shop some vintage finds of your own!

Buffalo Exchange Charity Animal Haven NYC

Cuddle Up with Brooklyn’s Tokens for Bags® Beneficiary, Animal Haven NYC

By Danielle Hargett, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Our Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn stores (Boerum Hill and Williamsburg) not only offer a variety of designer and vintage recycled clothing, they also give customers the chance take part in our Tokens for Bags® program every time they shop. Instead of receiving a plastic bag with each purchase, customers receive a 5 cent token to donate one of 3 rotating local nonprofits. This year, our Brooklyn locations have selected Animal Haven NYC as one of their program beneficiaries.

Big Cuddles in the Big Apple

The hustle and bustle of living in NYC can wear you down over time. Luckily, with a mission to find homes for abandoned cats and dogs, Animal Haven NYC gives city dwellers the opportunity to find comfort through cuddles with a new furry best friend! What better way to end a busy day than by snuggling a rescued fur baby?

Buffalo Exchange Animal Haven NYC Puppy

Animal Haven NYC: Safe Haven until Forever Home

Animal Haven NYC opened its doors in 1967 and has been finding homes for homeless cats and dogs ever since. As a no-kill animal shelter, the nonprofit firmly believes in caring for their animals until they can find them the purrfect forever home. In some cases, they even provide animal behavior intervention to increase chances of adoption.

Buffalo Exchange Animal Haven  NYC Dog

More Than Just An Animal Shelter

In addition to finding homes for cats and dogs, Animal Haven NYC actively educates children about animal welfare, raises awareness about the human-animal bond and serves as a resource for pet owners in need of assistance. Through its Caring Kids program, the nonprofit teaches children about existing issues with animal welfare and ultimately encourages them to become animal advocates in their community.

Animal Haven NYC also has programs like Helping Pets and People in Crisis and the Pet Assistance and Resource Center. These provide emergency planning assistance and help people hold onto their pets  when unexpected circumstances arise.

Buffalo Exchange Animal Haven NYC Kittens

Interested in finally taking home the pet you’ve always longed for?  Learn more about Animal Haven NYC’s adoption process and view photos of animals that are currently in need of homes. Not able to support a pet just yet? Come by Buffalo Exchange Boerum Hill or Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg and donate your 5 cent token at checkout!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn

5 Steps to Having an Unforgettable 4th of July!

By Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill)

It’s that time of year again! Summer brings warm weather, adventures and, of course, the 4th of July. Don’t let this year’s Independence Day fizzle out. Light up your holiday with these 5 steps for making this 4th of July one to remember!

Step #1: Find a look that’s on fire!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn July 4th look

We always buy in the hottest trends and unique finds here at Buffalo Exchange. You know what that means? It means WE GOT YOU! Stop into one of our stores and have a peek at our inventory. There’s a high chance we have what you’re looking for, whatever it may be!

Step #2: Do it for the ‘Gram!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn July 4th Outfit

Now that you found the perfect outfit, grab your BFF and snap away! The goal is to produce the most epic Instagram pic ever.  Use props or contort yourself into the most ridiculous poses. The crazier you get, the more fun you’ll have. Of course, the main goal is to show off the awesome ‘fit you put together! This photo will you earn you all the likes, but more importantly, it will give you and your BFF something to remember the holiday with.

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Read about Rocco

Working at Buffalo Exchange: Meet Rocco

By Buffalo Exchange Headquarters

Rocco Paone started working at Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn as a Buyer in 2007. Since then, he’s come a long way. Believe it or not, this mild-mannered young man recently distinguished himself as the very first person in Buffalo Exchange history to have worked in management at all 5 of our New York locations!

New York State of Mind  

    Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn Buyer

Rocco moved to Williamsburg in 2006, fresh from college in upstate NY.  This was back when rent was still affordable in Brooklyn and he was eager to move to the Big City.  He worked at our Brooklyn location for 3 and ½ years, climbing the ladder to earn an Associate Manager promotion in 2010.

In November 2010, Rocco helped open the Chelsea location as an Associate Manager and was amazed to watch business skyrocket from day one. From there, he rocked on to the Boerum Hill store in downtown Brooklyn and then to Astoria, Queens, all in 2013. He loved being part of the gamble Buffalo Exchange took opening in Queens – there was no other store like it in that part of New York.

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40th Tour: Brooklyn (Boerum Hill)

Buffalo Exchange (3)

Our 40th Anniversary Tour arrived in New York City and northeasterners couldn’t have been more excited! We rarely see the kind of turquoise treasures our southwestern Buffalo Exchange buyers are accustomed to. Turquoise pieces, as well as Mexican-inspired bags, and other silver jewels were the first to go at the Airstream’s first stop in the New York area. While Boerum Hill does tend to be a bit sleepy on the weekdays, we did have some thrilled customers, including one who ended up carrying out a whopping three bags of vintage dresses! Many customers were excited to learn about how the beautiful Airstream came to be, especially how it was created with mainly repurposed parts, thus making it an extension of what Buffalo Exchange has always stood for: sustainability without sacrificing style. Inside the store, customers found $5 off coupons tucked into shoes and purses, munched on mini-cupcakes, and posed for the camera in their vintage finds.

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