Summer Daze

Photography and writing by Brittany Fenney, Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

Models: Hannah Taylor and Jennifer Williams

Buffalo Exchange (8)While the rest of the country is enduring April showers, Tucson is getting a head start on May flowers. Here in the southwest, the weather is almost unrealistically beautiful — the sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the roses are blooming. Each day as we step outside the breeze blows in a longing for that perfect summer day. You know the day–with a combination of nostalgia for the endless, wild summers of your childhood, and every photo you’ve seen of 50s bathing beauties. It’s also a day of picturesque picnics, rolling in the grass, vintage sundresses, and laughing with friends. Feeding the ducks and spending every moment outside from sunrise to sunset. Looking ahead to the oppressive heat of Tucson’s real summer, we decided that today would be the day!

Buffalo Exchange Buffalo Exchange (11) Buffalo Exchange (10) Buffalo Exchange (1)The ideal summer day starts off gentle and ladylike. Why not wear a vintage prom dress while stopping to smell the roses? Indulge your feminine side with full skirts, delicate details, and pretty pastels.

Buffalo Exchange (4) Buffalo Exchange (3) Buffalo Exchange (5)

When you tire of roses and need a change of scenery, head for the water. A rest by the lakeside will rejuvenate you. Be sure to hold on to your hats if the wind picks up, but don’t worry, a little breeze is perfect for casually tousled hair!

Buffalo Exchange (2)  Buffalo Exchange (6) Buffalo Exchange (7)

A few casual outfit changes later and it’s time to let loose! Think tropical floral prints, funky sunglasses, and retro platforms. Relax in the grass and enjoy the sun on your face. You’re living your perfect (and perfectly accessorized) summer day.