Summer Travel Packing Tips

By Christina Hebets, Buffalo Exchange Headquarters

Travel can be stressful, but the payoff is worth it. Make it easier on yourself and your baggage with these 4 simple tips, then find out our favorite pieces to pack:

  1. Pack Your Dense Clothing First: Most suitcases have grooves and notches on the bottom, making for uneven packing space. Use your denim and puffier clothing to fill the gaps and add padding for the rest of your items. Bonus: you won’t have to figure out how to stuff those in at the end if you pack them first. For other clothing items, roll them up tightly rather than folding them to save on space.
  2. Stuff Those Shoes: The inside of a shoe is just wasted space if left unused. Stuff your socks and delicates in there to hold the shoe’s shape and use every square inch. This is also a great way to protect jewelry!
  3. Leave Room for Souvenirs (More Shopping, Anyone?): It is always tempting to stuff your bags to the brim, but trust me, it’s worth leaving some room. Hit up your local Buffalo Exchange while you’re jet-setting and bring home some new styles, local to your destination.
  4. Wear It More Than Once: Durable clothes, especially jeans and bottoms, can easily be worn more than once. If you pack items that can mix and match, you can create a bunch of outfits from just a handful of pieces.   Plus, you’ll be happy for the extra room and lighter baggage.

Here are some of our favorite fashions to pack:

Denim (always):

Denim basics are versatile and easily combined with the latest trends – think embroidery, patches and more! Whether you prefer to wear your denim in the form of jeans, a jacket or even a skirt, it’s guaranteed to match everything. You can even do denim on denim. The fabric is somewhat heavier to carry, but its durability makes it a staple item for any travel wardrobe.

Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Distressed Denim

Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Embroidered Denim Jacket

Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Denim Skirt


Accessories are a personal favorite of mine. They’re small and easy to pack, so try spicing up your daytime look with a lightweight scarf and your nighttime look with some statement jewelry! Pro tip: bring fashion jewelry, not family heirlooms. You can find super cute accessories that won’t break the bank at your local Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Clutch
Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Jewelry

Day-to-Night Dresses: 

Dresses are the ultimate travel hack. Lightweight cotton-poly blend dresses can be easily squashed in a suitcase without wrinkling or hogging up space. As an added bonus, they’re easy to throw on and can be dressed up or down. Pair them with sneakers for a day of sightseeing or a cute pair of flats for a night on the town.

Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Dresses
Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Maxi Dress
Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Casual Dress

Walking Shoes, Like Actual Walking Shoes:

I know you’ve heard this before, but comfortable shoes are the way to go. Athleisure is in, so you have no excuse not to bring literal walking shoes. Keep in mind that a vacation isn’t the right time to try out a pair you’ve never worn before. Bring sandals, boots or sneakers you know you can last a full day in. After all, who knows where your travels will take you?

Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips White Sneakers
Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Metallic Prada Loafers

All in all, being practical about what you pack doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Pair down to some key pieces, load up on accessories and, above all, make sure you’ll be comfortable. Safe travels, friends, and hope to see you at a Buffalo Exchange far, far away. Don’t forget to hashtag #BuffaloExchange when posting your vacation finds. We’d love to feature you and your adventurous new styles on our Instagram Story!