Style Spotting New York

Winter is in full swing in the East Village and we took to the streets to see what the stylish folks of New York are sporting in the chillier months. Function over fashion becomes more prevalent the colder it gets but New Yorkers find always find a way to incorporate their signature sartorial touches on even the most bitter of winter days. Though many opt for darker colors and black in the winter, we came across a few fashion forward people who preferred a brighter, more exciting color palette. We chose a few of these eye-catching ensembles to illustrate that not everyone in New York is afraid of color!



  • Age: 20
  • Originally from: Texas
  • Favorite thing about winter style: It’s all about layering.
  • Excited for spring trend: “I don’t do trends!”




  • Age: 29
  • Originally from: South Korea
  • Favorite thing about winter style: I love that I can wear boots all the time!
  • Excited for spring trend: You see clothing made in brighter colors for men, like neon was so popular last year.



  • Age: 26
  • Originally from: Japan
  • Favorite thing about winter style: You get to wear many things at once!
  • Excited for spring trend: Color blocking is always a favorite.