Shopping Sustainably with Bethany Easterling

Bethany Easterling: Style profile

By Marcella Willden; Photography by Audrey Easterling

Based out of Dallas, Bethany Easterling is a long-time Buffalo Exchange shopper. Go figure since she’s passionate about both fashion and sustainability! Bethany’s forward-looking lifestyle and impeccable sense of fashion are just a few reasons we are totally obsessed with her. Read ahead to find out more about her take on personal style and why she loves shopping secondhand.

Bethany with blue sweater and hat

Bonjour from 1950s Paris
Bethany’s effortlessly chic style takes inspiration from Parisian street style and the ’50s/’60s. Ultimately, though, she doesn’t like to limit herself: “If I feel good in a piece, I buy it!” she says.

Bethany wearing a neutral look. With jeans and white sweater with tan hat

Bethany with sunglasses and brown shirt

Statement Pieces for Spring
Buffalo Exchange has always been Bethany’s one-stop-shop for affordable and environmentally friendly fashion. This season, she is looking for a variety of styles that combine her love for vintage/retro fashion with the ease and comfort of modern street style. Her dream wardrobe is filled with oversized lightweight jackets, statement sleeves and pretty much anything with texture (feathers, ruffles and embroidery, to name a few!). Accessories are the key to her personal style, she says, and she loves to top off her looks with cute hats, belts and hair barrettes.

Bethany wearing blue sweater, jeans and hills

Bethany wearing a t-shir saying Hard time cafe with wide leg jeans

Bethany’s Style Advice?
Next time you put together an outfit, remember that your style is personal – if you love it, says Bethany, that’s all that matters! Throw on a piece that makes you feel confident and ready to conquer the world or wear something low-key that allows you to blend in and just be yourself. 

If you’re feeling just as obsessed with Bethany as we are, be sure to follow her on Instagram (@bedheadbeth) and subscribe to her YouTube Channel! Then, take a page out of her eco-friendly lifestyle by heading over to your local Buffalo Exchange to shop sustainably for one-of-a-kind pieces that feel uniquely you!