Style File: Minneapolis

By Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis

Fall fashion in MPLS is a favorite for all. It’s the time after summer’s humid end and the brief time before winter peeks out its ugly head. Minnesotans are able to wear their adorable layers without their humungous puffer coats covering it all up. We get to show off our leather and denim jackets over our favorite flannel, or our long-sleeved mini dresses with sheer tights and little ankle booties. Everyone is giving a nod to black and grey basics, or classic pieces such as a great leather cross-body bag. As faux fur accessories, gloves, and winter boots are left in the closet until the very last minute, patterned infinity scarves and brimmed-wool hats are all over MPLS streets. A good way to describe our fall street style: “We are your friendly, chic, minimalist, but grungy lumber-jacks of the Midwest!”

Buffalo Exchange


Buffalo Exchange

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