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Style File: East Village

Buffalo Exchange employees styled in fauz fur, leopard and blue tuxedo pant suit.

Here in the East Village, customers and staff alike are rebelling against the doldrums of winter weather. We’re managing to stay warm, yet creative by adding pops of color and expertly layered separates. We’ve seen adventurous pattern mixing, funky faux fur in every color of the rainbow to leopard print coats and pony hair. Everyone is adding statement jewels, metallic details, leather trimmed anything and camo, camo, camo to their everyday outfits.  We love leather backpacks, fabric blocking, fuzzy sweaters, Chelsea boots, patterned pants high-waisted denim, matching sets and Japanese tour jackets! Essentially we are all gathering great separates to take us oh-so-fabulously into spring!

Buffalo Exchange employee styled in black skinny pants, lime green patterned sweater with bondage chest accessory and Dr. Martens

Buffalo Exchange employees styled in fauz fur with coral printed pants, leopard coat and blush croppe pants and blue tuxedo pant suit.