Street Style: San Diego (Hillcrest)

By Hoa, Buffalo Exchange San Diego, Hillcrest

San Diego Style

As spring slowly transitions into the summer, San Diego isn’t just known to be “Sun Diego” for no reason. The ladies in Hillcrest are taking advantage of the wonderful weather with short shorts, sheer tops, and “flowy” tanks. Vintage clothing has always been a hit in Hillcrest. Many locals are reinventing vintage garments into their modern day style such as a ‘50s night gown into today’s sheer slip dress.   Who would want to just wear plain plaid shirt? Well, I can tell you the gentlemen in Hillcrest are switching the plain plaid up with bow ties and finishing it off with a vest or tailored sleek cropped denim. With the sun shining upon Hillcrest, the ladies and gentlemen are sporting their shades with the popular retro ray ban or retro circle frame sunglasses. On the streets of Hillcrest, it’s very important to know how to walk the street with the necessary footwear. The popular trends women are wearing are Toms, cowboy boots, Jeffery Campbells and Doc Martens. The men are sporting Vans loafers, ankle boots and Passport Collective footwear by Mikhayel Testaye. In Hillcrest diversity reigns supreme.

San Diego StyleSan Diego StyleSan Diego StyleSan Diego StyleSan Diego StyleSan Diego Style