Street Style: Minneapolis

Minneapolis Style

Here in Minnesota, contrary to popular belief, people are wearing more than parkas and flannel shirts. Day after day our customers at Buffalo Exchange in Minneapolis prove that stereotype wrong. The Lyn-Lake area, where our store is located, is the perfect place to go when looking for Minneapolis street style. The area is eclectic to say the least, giving rise to a culture where learning, growing, and generally not being afraid to color outside the lines is common practice. During the summer months is when those attributes shine the brightest and Minneapolis comes to life with trendy style and creativity. There are a few key styles that have really taken flight on the streets of Minneapolis, but the key element of a vintage piece seems to be the thread pulling Minneapolis street style together.

Minneapolis StylePairing high end designer pieces that one may find in our store with quirky vintage pieces gives those on the Minneapolis style scene a chance to try a variety of current trends in an affordable manner. This pairing also works because many current trends lately have been inspired by vintage and/or retro styling. For example, this summer we saw a lot of the 1970s bohemian look with the long maxi skirts, the 1950s with high waisted shorts and peter pan collars, and the 1990s with oversized crop tops, studded detailing, and, now for fall, black leather. With the fashion market flooded with trends from past decades, it becomes easy to mix in an “actual” vintage piece or two into your look, creating something both trendy and unique. I give mad props to the street style I have seen walking amongst the streets of Minneapolis and I cannot wait to see what direction street style will go this coming fall.

Minneapolis StyleMinneapolis StyleMinneapolis Style