Street Style: Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa

Street Style

Many of our Costa Mesa guys follow trends in the street wear industry.  It’s a little bit hip-hop, a little bit skater and a little bit high-fashion. Looks have transitioned from less baggy to more fitted featuring narrow-leg, raw denim seen in labels like Nudie, Naked and Famous and APC.  Graphic tees are softer, leaner and simpler using a black, gray, white, teal and red color palette.  Slim-fitting, short-sleeved, chambray button ups are paired with snapback or camp hats from Mitchell and Ness, TISA or Supreme.  Skinny shoes like Vans Authentics or wingtip boots have taken the place of thicker, clunky sneakers.

Street StyleStreet StyleStreet StyleStreet StyleStreet StyleStreet Style