Street Fashion: Long Beach

Long Beach StyleIs it still Summer?? It sure feels like fall still hasn’t fallen upon us. In the LBC, everyone is accessorizing with fun jewelry and thin layers, since we can’t bust out our heavier fall fashions just yet. Women are wearing lighter leather jackets and fuzzy sweaters with multiple rings, bracelets and necklaces; printed pants and animal prints are mixed and matched and flying off of our racks. Men’s tank tops are doing well all year long, throw a flannel or thin button-up over it and it’s perfect for the weather. Men and Women are rocking jewelry, jean shorts and snapbacks; brights and neons are worn as statement pieces with neutral colors and simple basics. Long Beach is all about dressing comfortably while showing off some fresh fashion!

Long Beach StyleLong Beach StyleLong Beach StyleLong Beach StyleLong Beach StyleLong Beach Style