Not Your Average Thrift Store: The History of Buffalo Exchange Featured Story


By Jessica Pruitt

In 1974, when Kerstin Block first had the idea for a different sort of secondhand shop, she never expected it to grow into what it is today – she just followed her love of thrift store shopping. “I came upon the idea that there must be other people who are equally addicted to this kind of shopping, but who didn’t want to sort through as much stuff.” Enter a whole new business model – a resale shop where customers could buy hand-picked treasures in one place and also sell their clothes for cash or trade on-the-spot.

Not Your Average Thrift Store - History of Buffalo Exchange - Kerstin outside first location

From Thrift Store to Resale Boutique: The First Buffalo Exchange

At the time, Kerstin had recently been fired from a job at a local furniture shop. When she mentioned that she’d like to try opening her own business, her husband Spencer was all for it. To start, they rented out a small 400 square foot spot in Tucson, AZ and filled the store with pieces from Kerstin’s own closet. They also asked friends to bring things in. Soon enough, they had a bustling business buying, selling and trading the likes of denim skirts handmade by Kerstin, Hawaiian shirts and Kork-Ease sandals, drawing in lots of students from the University of Arizona. Their most common price? $3.50.

Not Your Average Thrift Store - History of Buffalo Exchange - Kerstin holding clothing

Originally from Sweden, Kerstin chose “Buffalo” because she liked the way it evoked the American West. Spencer contributed the “Exchange” half of the name since that’s precisely what they would be doing – opening up a shop where you could exchange your clothing for cash or trade on-the-spot, an uncommon model at the time. And just like that, they ran the business together, doing everything themselves. Kerstin was the face of the store, running the register and doing all the buying. Spencer worked behind the scenes, creating clothing racks out of water pipes and handling the accounting.

Resale wasn’t very popular at the time, but they knew there would always be people who wanted to find something cute for a good deal: they just didn’t necessarily want to dig through so many pieces in a thrift store setting. “We made it look like a little boutique,” says Kerstin. They handpicked each item based on what their customers were interested in buying and displayed them in a fun, easy-to-shop space.

Not Your Average Thrift Store - History of Buffalo Exchange - Spencer and Kerstin inside store 1977

Charting New Territory

Kerstin and Spencer didn’t know much about business, but they weren’t afraid to venture into uncharted territory. Par for the course for Kerstin, who struck out on her own at the age of 18, taking a boat over from Sweden to study at the University of Arizona. What they initially lacked in business knowledge, they made up for in strong values. “We built our business on a lot of principles,” she says, “such as respecting people and treating everybody fairly and listening to people. Those are our tenets in business.”

Not Your Average Thrift Store - History of Buffalo Exchange - Staff in front of store mid 70s

As they opened more locations – a store here and a store there – those tenets only grew. They knew how important it was to be honest and the value of people – both employees and customers alike. After all, they relied on their customers to bring in clothing and they relied on their employees to build a diverse inventory. To do this, they valued individuality and embraced the things that make each person unique. They empowered people, taking into consideration what they wanted out of the job and teaching them how the business works.

Perhaps it’s these tenets (not to mention a true passion for clothing) that have kept the business going strong for 45 years and counting. Today, Buffalo Exchange is still owned and operated out of Tucson, AZ by Kerstin and her daughter, Vice President Rebecca Block. Kerstin still oversees the daily operations of the business. “What I’m most proud of is how much we’ve been able to empower people – especially women,” she says. “That and the clothes. It’s always been about the clothes.” Now, that love for fashion has spread to around 50 stores – and growing all the time. Visit to find one near you!



Cool-Weather Lookbook: Sportswear Edition

Sportswear lookbook: Cool weather

By Marcella Willden; Photography by Nina Paz, Rachel Eselman and Hanae Clark

My favorite season is finally here! One of the things that I love the most about the cooler weather is the ability it gives me to layer a ton of different colors, textures, and patterns. I also love to be comfy when it’s cool outside, so I’m super inspired by street style sportswear – whether it’s jerseys, oversized camouflage, fuzzy bomber jackets or retro color blocking. Read on for some street style inspiration from Buffalo Exchange Tempe, Washington DC, and Atlanta!

AZ2 Orange sweater with Orange Jacket and Coyotes Jersey

White striped sweaters, Tempe, AZ

White striped sweaters, Tempe, AZ

Phoenix Suns Jersey and Green skirt outfit, Tempe AZ

Phoenix Suns Jersey, Tempe AZ

Astros Jersey and Orange jacket outfit, Tempe AZ

Slam Dunk Style at Buffalo Exchange Tempe

When the weather cools down, continue rocking all your favorite basketball jerseys by layering a long sleeve underneath and pairing with jeans and sneakers. Photography by Nina Paz for Buffalo Exchange Tempe.

Full Story


Fall/Winter Fashion Lookbook: Classic Menswear and Layers

Header- Chris Bogard Zine

By Savy Kroop; Styling and Photography by Chris Bogard; Modeling by Roberto Aguilar & Brandon Santana

With temperatures dropping, it’s time to break out the layers! For cooler temps, we’re loving classically rich colors like mustard and maroon and bright details like graphic prints and pops of orange. Scroll through for a fresh take on classic menswear from photographer Chris Bogard at Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg).

Chris Bogar ZIne Chris Bogar ZIne

Brighten up a gloomy day with a neon orange jacket or vest!

Full Story


Meet the Sustainably Stylish Sister Duo: Krewella

By Savy Kroop, Photography by Lauren Dunn

Krewella is a woman-fronted, Pakistani-American musical duo based out of LA with an ear for electrifying dance music and an eye for eclectic, sustainable fashion. On and off the stage, the sisters, Jahan and Yasmine, express their creativity through their unique style. Over the past three years, they’ve made various lifestyle changes in order to live more sustainably – hang-drying clothing, for example, switching to LED lights and, of course, shopping secondhand at Buffalo Exchange!

An Open Mind is the Best Accessory

Jahan and Yasmine are passionate about keeping an open mind when it comes to alternative ways of self-expression. The sisters believe the key to personal style is unleashing your creativity and going with the colors, patterns and styles you are authentically drawn to.

Vintage Finds & Variety

Whether the girls are performing at a music festival or just heading out on the town, you can expect to see them rocking their ever-evolving, futuristic-meets-vintage style. If you were to take a peek into their wardrobe, you could find everything from vintage tees and traditional tunics with ornate patterns and embroidery to baggy athletic pants and studded belts. The sisters love discovering hidden treasures at Buffalo Exchange!

Rule #1: There Are No Rules!
A few years ago, Jahan and Yasmine began infusing vocals and percussion inspired by the sounds of Pakistan into their music. The resulting sounds – both playful and experimental – have in turn influenced their fashion choices. 

Krewella released two new singles in 2019, Ghost and Mana, which you can find on Spotify and Youtube. Be sure to keep up with these artistic gals on Instagram and Twitter for out-of-this-world music and fashion inspo. Then, if you’re feeling inspired by their catchy tunes and unique aesthetic, head to your local Buffalo Exchange to shop for colors and patterns that speak to YOU!


When You Shop at Buffalo Exchange, You Support These Charities!

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Tokens for Bags, Giving Back


If you’ve been to Buffalo Exchange, you may have seen Tokens for Bags® boxes near the checkout counter and wondered how they work. At Buffalo, it’s important to us to have a positive impact on the communities we’re apart of and on the environment. So, instead of giving out single-use plastic bags, we give shoppers 5 cent tokens to donate to their choice of three local charities. Since 1994, we’ve raised over $778,000 for thousands of local nonprofit organizations across the United States. We’ve also kept over 15.5 million plastic bags out of the environment!  Read ahead to find out more about some of the non-profits you can support right now just by shopping at your local Buffalo Exchange.

Providing Love and Care to Senior Dogs at Frosted Faces

Frosted Faces Foundation, Animal Humane, Tokens for Bags

Frosted Faces, Animal Humane, Smiling Puppy, Tokens for Bags

You can donate a charity token to Frosted Faces any time you shop at our San Diego, Pacific Beach location. Frosted Faces advocates and delivers quality veterinary care for senior animals whose lives are in jeopardy. By the looks on their adorable faces, you can see how much these love bugs appreciate all of the help and affection they receive from this awesome non-profit!

Fostering Creativity & Sustainability with Turnip Green

Turnip Green, Recycling, Tokens for Bags

Love helping the environment? Drop a charity token in Turnip Green’s box any time you shop at our Nashville, Tennessee location. Turnip Green fosters creativity and sustainability through community education and reuse, diverting usable material from landfills. In particular, they collect paper and plastic products to use in artist workshops and after-school programs for children throughout the greater Nashville area. We love what Turnip Green does to help reduce waste and keep our planet green!

Keeping Active and Promoting Wellness through Chicago Run

Chicago Run, Tokens for Bags, Children Playing in Sports Field


Support Chicago Run when you shop at Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park). They promote the health and wellness of Chicago children through innovative, engaging and sustainable youth running programs. Their goal is to improve and enhance the physical fitness and social/emotional well-being of all participants, ages pre-K through high school. Chicago Run serves 18,000 children and youth from 36 diverse neighborhoods throughout the area!

These are just a few of many amazing organizations you can support through Tokens for Bags®. Because of customers like you, we’re able to give back to communities across the US, so treat yourself to a feel-good shopping trip! Want to know which charities you can support when you stop by your local Buffalo Exchange? Find out more on our Tokens for Bags® page!


Showgirl Glitz and Gothic Glamour: A Q+A With Drag Queen Angelica Sundae

Buffalo Exchange HQ Q+A

By Aarian Frye, Photography by Jordan Bowens, Justin Brooks and Fred Attenborough

We recently had the pleasure of talking with Angelica Sundae, a hairstylist by day and electrifying drag performer by night. Angelica has been shopping at Buffalo Exchange for fifteen years, first in Las Vegas and currently at BE Manhattan. Read ahead for a Q+A about Angelica’s one-of-a-kind style, love for Buffalo finds and even a bit of fashion advice fit for a queen!

Angelica Sundae, Portrait
Photographed by Jordan Bowens, look by 10 Yards Clothing

How would you describe your drag style?

A mix of dark, gothic glamour, Vegas showgirl glitz, and good old-fashioned buffoonery. The idea of being stunningly beautiful and also completely ridiculous is very appealing to me!

What do you like about shopping at Buffalo?

I have ALWAYS had luck finding interesting pieces there and I love that I can put together a really great look that doesn’t drain my bank account.

Angelica Sundae Portrait
Photographed by Justin Brooks, look by Purevile

What type of events/performances do you go all-out for, fashion-wise? 

Holidays (Halloween, New Year’s) as well as for events that I produce, such as my show ”Snack Theater” at Chelsea Music Hall in Manhattan.

What pieces are you currently looking to add to your wardrobe? 

An extravagant robe and opera-length gloves in every color!

Angelica Sundae Portrait
Photographed by Fred Attenborough, look by Holden Bucy

What fashion advice would you give to others?

Listen to yourself. If you know your body and you try different silhouettes, you will eventually find not only what looks best on you, but what makes you feel like a confident boss. Confidence is necessary to work any look.

Feeling inspired to add some glitz and glamour into your wardrobe? Take a cue from Angelica Sundae and find fabulous pieces on a budget at your local Buffalo Exchange! Secondhand shopping has never been so chic.



I Let My Boyfriend Style Me Every Day For a Week

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me collage

By Aarian Frye

It’s no secret that I have a whole lot of clothes – they live in two closets, dressers and, somehow, always in a pile on the floor. Don’t even get me started on my collection of bags, shoes and accessories! To help me sort through my overflowing wardrobe, I enlisted the help of my boyfriend, Dylan. He picked out my outfits for a week and, as a result, helped me realize that I needed to part with a few of my well-loved pieces and bring them in to Buffalo Exchange to sell!

Day One

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me White Dress

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me White Dress

What I wore: Free People dress with embroidered sleeves, vintage basket handbag, strappy    Topshop sandals, Universal Threads mules, Forever 21 earrings

Why he picked it: He knew it was my favorite dress and he also knew I never usually end up wearing the strappy sandals or vintage handbag (spoiler alert: both, while very cute, are also very impractical). 

How I felt: I love love LOVE this dress. What I didn’t love were these sandals. After brunch and an afternoon of thrifting, my feet were screaming for comfort. I had to go home and change into these mustard mules. The bag, too, proved to be difficult – it was too delicate for everyday use and, while I love vintage, I am more concerned with function over fashion (at least when it comes to handbags). These ones both went right into the bag for Buffalo Exchange!

Day Two

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Floral Zebra

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Cheetah Earring

What I wore: ASOS floral and zebra print blouse, BDG jeans, Dolce Vita sandals, cheetah print earrings, GAP tote 

Why he picked it: I rarely wear jeans and I’ve never worn this blouse. This probably won’t come as a shock, but I often shop for an idealistic future – “Maybe I’ll wear this if I’m at this place at this time and the moon is in this phase.” It’s not realistic and I’m left with an abundance of clothes I never wear – thank goodness I can trade them for store credit Buffalo Exchange! I’d been holding onto this blouse for a special occasion, but Dylan showed me that I don’t need a specific reason to wear an outfit. If I love something, then I should wear it – who knew it could be so simple?

How I felt: I have to admit – I was hesitant to walk into the world in this look. A floral AND zebra print blouse with distressed kickflares, cheetah-print earrings and banded sandals?! At the end of the day, though, this turned out to be one of my favorite looks

Day Three

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Floral Dress

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Cherry Earrings

What I wore: ASOS flower-striped dress, Universal Threads mules, vintage beaded bag, resin cherry earrings

Why he picked it: This was a hot day (here in Tucson, it stays warm a good chunk of the year), so Dylan paired this cotton dress with backless shoes and a minimal bag. A pragmatic choice that led to a super cute, put-together look!

How I felt: This was such a fun outfit and satisfied my craving for color coordination! It was just another day at the office, but the retro floral dress with the side tie reminded me of a sarong I’d wear on a tropical cruise. V refreshing! Also, I have to give Dylan props for the cherry earring selection. I wouldn’t have paired florals with fruit, but it works so well! 

Day Four

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Tomato Blouse

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Resin Earrings

What I wore: Urban Outfitters smock-top, Forever 21 light-wash denim skirt, resin circle earrings, ASOS tiger mules, GAP tote 

Why he picked it: Casual Tuesday, anyone? We were in a bit of a rush to get out the door this morning, but this outfit doesn’t show it. A denim skirt paired with a cotton blouse is simple and always stylish. For a bit of fun, Dylan decided to add these tiger print mules I could easily slip on and matching orange and black resin earrings. I was ready for the day in no-time!

How I felt: I love any and all smocking and the denim skirt is a staple of my closet (I have this same skirt in a medium-wash denim). However, my love for fun shoes proved to be incompatible with my achy feet! Although I didn’t have to change footwear mid-day, I think these shoes should go to someone who’ll wear them waaay more frequently, which means they’re going right into the Buffalo Exchange bag!

Day Five

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Striped Dress

What I wore: Striped apron dress (brand unknown), navy camisole (brand unknown), ASOS gold bamboo earrings, Dolce Vita Sandals, vintage handbag

Why he picked it: Taking some advice from the times I’ve styled him myself, Dylan wanted to try out a fully neutral look without going monochromatic.

How I felt: While it’s true that all neutrals go together, I wasn’t so sure about this one. For some reason, the beaded bag with bamboo handles and two-strap sandals didn’t quite feel right with the look. I’m definitely still going to hold onto this dress, but I usually reserve it for fall when I can layer it over a black turtleneck, tights and booties – picky, I know. I learned that maybe I should stash this piece away with my fall/winter items. Still, I commend Dylan’s concept of tonal dressing!

Day Six

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Zebra Shirt

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Lime Bag

What I wore: Forever 21 zebra-print button down, Target denim skirt, Converse high-tops, vintage woven handbag, Forever 21 marbled resin earrings

Why he picked it: Feeling inspired by the 80s revival, Dylan went for a graphic black and white look with a bold pattern. Then, he added the neon green bag for a pop of color. 

How I felt: This was fun! I have a ton of animal print in my closet, and this button-down is something I routinely pushed back because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to style it. Who would’ve known all I needed was my dependable denim skirt? This is a great outfit to take me from my 9-5 to happy hour!

Day Seven

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Blue Dress

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Boyfriend Styles Me Gold Bag

What I wore: Free People dress with embroidered sleeves (this time in blue!), Universal Threads Mules, retro belt, blue tassel earrings (brand unknown), vintage beaded handbag

Why he picked it: Another thing about me: when I love something, I buy it in every color I can. Knowing this, Dylan wanted to end the week with something familiar but really jazz it up with metallics, beads, tassels and rhinestones. 

How I felt: Great! In retrospect, I feel like I need to invest in a steamer, but wrinkles aside, this is a go-to look! While I was initially unsure of wearing so many sparkly accessories at once, everyone I interacted with today complimented me on how the whole thing came together, to which I gracefully replied, “Thank you, my boyfriend is my stylist.” 

All in all, I feel great about this week of outfits. Even though I was a little nervous at the start, it was such a treat to see what my boyfriend really thought about my clothes — not to mention how nice it was to not have to pick out my own outfit every morning! It also helped me realize which items I really don’t need to hold onto (wonderful as they may be!) Now, I’m taking my reusable tote filled with goodies to sell at Buffalo Exchange. If you’re feeling inspired to have your partner, friend or roommate sort through your closet and pick your looks for a week, I say go for it! You’ll probably end up with some great new outfit ideas and a bag full of items to clean out. Your local Buffalo Exchange buys the best of all seasons year round and your closet cleanout could be worth cash or trade to spend on a wardrobe refresh you’ll really love! 


Howling Good Costumes for the Best Halloween Ever!

Buffalo Exhange, Halloween, Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey ghouls and gals, it’s time again for our Costume of the Day series! From now until Halloween, we’ll be posting creative and exciting costumes daily to inspire your Halloween look. We haven’t even gotten to the best part – all of these costumes were DIY’d out of pieces from Buffalo Exchange! Whether you’re rolling with a whole spooky squad, flying solo or partnering up with your sweetheart for a couples costume, we have something for you. We add new costumes every day, so be sure to check back in!

Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville), Zodiac Sign Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville), Zodiac Sign Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville), Zodiac Sign Halloween Costume

Your Halloween costume is written in the stars: dress up as your zodiac sign! Gemini and Leo looks from Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville)

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St), Kill Bill Halloween Costume

Here comes the Bride – with Gogo and Elle Driver! Find Kill Bill costumes for everyone in your squad at Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St)

Buffalo Exchange Charlotte, Tyler the Creator Halloween Costume

‘Running Out of Time’ for a Halloween look? Use your ‘New Magic Wand’ to become Tyler the Creator as IGOR! 📸 Buffalo Exchange Charlotte

Buffalo Exchange NoHo, Beavis and Butthead Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Tucson, Family Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Ventura,Pleakley and Jumba Halloween Costume

Netflix and chill-out this Halloween with characters from your favorite movies and tv shows!

Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg, Clown Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Ventura, Clown Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas, Clown Halloween Costume

Join the circus this Halloween with clown costumes from Buffalo Exchange New York, Las Vegas and Ventura!

Buffalo Exchange Nogales, Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Nogales, Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume

Cast a spell on everyone at the party with Hocus Pocus costumes from Buffalo Outlet Nogales!

Buffalo Exchange San Antonio, Austin Powers Halloween Costume

We SPY a groovy group costume: Austin Powers, Dr.Evil and more from Buffalo Outlet San Antonio!

Buffalo Exchange GA Marketing, Cereal Characters Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange GA Marketing, Cereal Characters Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange GA Marketing, Cereal Characters Halloween Costume

We’re cuckoo for costumes! For Halloween looks that really snap, crackle and pop, DIY your own cereal mascot ensembles at Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange Tucson, Spaghetti Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Tucson, Spaghetti Halloween Costume

DIY spaghetti and meatball costume? Now that’s what we call an ‘outfit recipe’! 📸🍝Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa, David Bowie Halloween Costume

We don’t know if there’s ‘Life On Mars’, but this Ziggy Stardust costume from BE Costa Mesa is out of this world!

Buffalo Exchange Eugene, Billie Eilish Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Eugene, Billie Eilish Halloween Costume

Before the party’s over, dress up like a ‘Bad Guy’ with a Billie Eilish costume from Buffalo Exchange Eugene!

Buffalo Exchange Long Beach, Western Halloween Costume

Wrangle up a last-minute cowboy costume with western wear from Buffalo Exchange Long Beach!

Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach), Pretty in Pink Halloween Costume

Looking for a volcanic group ensemble this Halloween? Dress totally 80s as Andie, Duckie and Blane from Pretty In Pink! 📸 Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach)

Buffalo Exchange Austin, Gordon Ramsay Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Austin, Gordon Ramsay Halloween Costume

Finally – an amazingly good Gordon Ramsay costume from Buffalo Exchange Austin!

Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg, 101 Dalmatians Halloween Costume

SPOTTED: Cruella De Vil and 1 of 101 Dalmatians at Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg!

Buffalo Exchange Bellingham, Mario and Princess Peach Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Bellingham, Mario and Princess Peach Halloween Costume

Racing to find a last-minute costume? Mario and Princess Peach costumes will take you to the finish line! 📸 Buffalo Exchange Bellingham

Buffalo Exchange Andersonville, Grease Halloween Costume

‘Grease’ is the word at Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Andersonville)!

Buffalo Exchange Noho and Andersonville, Aladdin Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Noho and Andersonville, Aladdin Halloween Costume

There’s a whole new world of shining, shimmering and splendid Halloween costumes at Buffalo Exchange, just like these Aladdin and Jasmine looks from BE Noho, NYC and Andersonville, Chicago!

Buffalo Exchange Tucson, Dynamic Duo Halloween Costumes Buffalo Exchange Tucson, Dynamic Duo Halloween Costumes Buffalo Exchange Tucson, Dynamic Duo Halloween Costumes

We’re seeing double: it’s dynamic duo day! Find costumes perfect for twosomes like Romeo and Juliet, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, Mary Kate and Ashley or a sweet rainbow and cloud at Buffalo Exchange Tucson.

Buffalo Exchange Bellingham, Carmen Sandiego, Halloween Costume

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? She’s shopping for costumes at Buffalo Exchange Bellingham!

Buffalo Exchange Manhattan (NoHo), Hippo Ballerina Halloween Costume

Raise the BARRE this Halloween with a hippo ballerina costume from Buffalo Exchange Manhattan (NoHo)!

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia, US Halloween Costume

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia, US Halloween Costume

We’re seeing double with this US couple’s costume from Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia!

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne), Kim Possible Halloween Costume

Feel unstoppable this Halloween in Kim Possible and Shego costumes from Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill), Joker Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill), Joker Halloween Costume

Put a smile on everyone’s face this Halloween with a spot-on Joker costume from Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill)!

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown), Breakfast Halloween Costume

For a well-balanced breakfast – we mean, Halloween costume – shop at Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)!

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne), Silence of the Lambs Halloween Costume

Hello, Clarice: we can’t keep quiet about how much we love this Silence of The Lambs costume from Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)!

Buffalo Exchange Berkeley, Witches Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Berkeley. Witches Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Berkeley, Witches Halloween Costume

It’s the season of the witch! Find Halloween costumes your whole coven will covet at Buffalo Exchange Berkeley.

Buffalo Exchange Richmond, Laurie and Michael Myers Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Richmond, Laurie and Michael Myers Halloween Costume

We can’t MASK our HALLOWEEN excitement over these Laurie and Michael Myers costumes from Buffalo Exchange Richmond!

Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg, Dolly Parton and Rico Nasty Halloween Costume

Go a little bit country and a little bit glam this Halloween with Dolly Parton and Rico Nasty costumes from Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg!

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne), Coraline Halloween Costume

Brave Halloween night as one of our favorite fearless book characters, Coraline! 📸 Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)

Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Ballard), Cowboy and Alien Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Ballard), Cowboy and Alien Halloween Costume

Explore the wild west — and the outer limits! — with cowboy and alien costumes from Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Ballard)

Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh, Euphoria Halloween Costume

Wishing for more Euphoria? While you wait for season 2, Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh has everything you need for a Jules, Kat and Lexi group costume!

Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg, Hustlers Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg, Hustlers Halloween Costume

We’ve got our ‘hands up’ for this Hustlers group costume from Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg!

Buffalo Exchange Nashville, Wendy's Halloween Costume

For fresh Halloween costumes, order up a Wendy’s look from Buffalo Exchange Nashville!

Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis, Ziggy Stardust, Jerry Garcia and Loretta Lynn Halloween Costume

Join the Hall of Halloween Fame this year as Ziggy Stardust, Jerry Garcia and Loretta Lynn from Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis!

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton, Joker Halloween Costume

Put on a show with a Joker costume from Buffalo Exchange Fullerton!

Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg, Andel and Devil Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg, ANgel and Devil Halloween Costume

Stop by Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg for a devilishly good selection of angelic costumes

Buffalo Exchange Dallas, Britney Spears Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Dallas, Britney Spears Halloween Costume

Pop star poll! Which Britney Spears look would you wear this Halloween: “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” or “Toxic”? 📸 Buffalo Exchange Dallas

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia, Mean Girls Halloween Costume

A Mean Girls group costume? That is so fetch! 📸 Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia

Buffalo Exchange Seattle (U District) Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Want to be the ghost with the most? Dress up as Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice for the best Halloween costumes of the millennium 📸 Buffalo Exchange Seattle (U District)

Buffalo Exchange Phoenix, Euphoria Halloween Costume

Party with the it-crowd in Euphoria Halloween costumes from Buffalo Exchange Phoenix!

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque, Britney Spears Halloween Costume

Getting lost in the game of picking your fave pop star to emulate this Halloween? We’re giving you a sign to dress up as Britney Spears with a metallic bodysuit from Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque!

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission), Astronaut Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission), Astronaut Halloween Costume

Spacing out on what to be this Halloween? Explore a galaxy of out-of-this-world costumes at Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission District)!

Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park), Midsommar Halloween Costume

Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park), Midsommar Halloween Costume

Flower crowns, lace and embroidery? It’s a Midsommar day’s dream! Shop for summer brights and floral accents to create your own May Queen costume at Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park)

Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest), Ninja Turtles Halloween Costume

Cowabunga! Show off your inner ‘Hero in a Half Shell’ with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes from Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

Buffalo Exchange Houston, Scooby Gang and Hex Girls Halloween Costume

Zoinks, it’s the witches – actually, it’s the Hex Girls! Team up with your entire squad for a Mystery Inc group costume from Buffalo Exchange Houston.

Buffalo Exchange Atlanta, Charlie Angels Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Atlanta, Charlie Angels Halloween Costume

Hello Angels, we’ve got a new mission for you: find Halloween costumes for your whole team at Buffalo Exchange Atlanta – Bosley, too!

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans, Midsommar Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange New Orleans, Midsommar Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange New Orleans, Midsommar Halloween Costume

Dance the day away in a Midsommar group costume from Buffalo Exchange New Orleans! 📸 @whytrysarahtops

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg), Bratz Halloween Costume

Are you a Cloe, Jade, Sasha or Yasmin? Whatever your dream Bratz Pack role, express your ‘passion for fashion’ this Halloween with early 2000s looks from Buffalo Exchange Astoria!

Buffalo Exchange Allston, Simple Life Halloween Costume

            Missing the early aughts? We tuned in to our fave 2000s reality tv show to bring you this ‘Simple Life’ costume from Buffalo Exchange Allston! That’s hot.

Buffalo Exchange Tucson, Wizard of Oz Halloween CostumeBuffalo Exchange Tucson, Wizard of Oz Halloween Costume

We’re off to see the wizard – and the wonderful world of Halloween costumes at Buffalo Exchange Tucson!

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia, Lizzie McGuire Halloween Costume

Hey now, hey now: these Lizzie McGuire-inspired looks from Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia are what dreams are made of!

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks, Area 51 Halloween Costume

Before you head to Area 51, raid Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks for out-of-this-world Halloween costumes!

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea, Midsommar Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Chelsea, Midsommar Halloween Costume

Crown yourself the May Queen of Halloween in a Midsommar group costume look from Buffalo Exchange Chelsea!

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne), Kill Bill Halloween Costume

Cross Halloween costume shopping off your list with this Kill Bill duo from Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)!

Buffalo Exchange Ventura, 101 Dalmatians, Halloween Costume

It’d be CRUELLA to not show off this sweet 101 Dalmatians group costume from Buffalo Exchange Ventura!

Buffalo Exchange Austin, Chuckie and It Halloween Costumes

Tag, you’re IT! Halloween is more than just ‘Child’s Play’ when you have seriously spooky costumes from Buffalo Exchange Austin.

Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles, Melrose, Game of Thrones Costume

   Be the Breaker of Chains, the Mother of Dragons, the Queen of them all this Halloween! HOT tip: find your FIRE-iest friend to rock a dragon costume!

Buffalo Exchange Tempe, That 70s Show Halloween Costume

If you’re hanging out down the street this Halloween, stop into Buffalo Exchange Tempe for a That ‘70s Show inspired group costume!

Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica, Witches Halloween Costume

Do a little hocus pocus this Halloween with a classically enchanting witch costume from Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica – no magic spells required!

Buffalo Exchange Portland, Big Little Lies, Halloween Costume

We can’t tell a Big Little Lie: we’re obsessed with the Monterey Five! Line up at Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne) for the chicest Halloween group costume of the year.⁠

Buffalo Exchange DC, Old Town Road, western Halloween Costume

Take your horse to the Buffalo Exchange DC for a Halloween costume that will be sure to hit Billboard’s No. 1 spot!

Buffalo Exchange Manhattan, Fairytale Halloween Costumes

Write your own fairytale this Halloween with elegant dresses and whimsical accessories from Buffalo Exchange Manhattan (East Village)!

As you can see, we love Halloween! If you’re feeling inspired to take your costume to the next level but you’re not sure where to start, visit your local Buffalo Exchange! We’ll have a team of Costume Stylists on hand every Friday – Sunday starting September 27th who’d love to help you turn your costume fantasy into reality – you can find them around the store wearing a specialty Costume Stylist name badge. We’re also happy to help you put together a spooktacular look any day of the week. Happy Halloween!


Six Frighteningly Good Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Best Halloween Yet

Buffalo Exhange, Halloween, Halloween Costume Ideas

By Aarian Frye

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Halloween! As the witching hour approaches, you may find yourself without a costume – that’s where Buffalo Exchange comes in. From our favorite movies to our favorite foods, we’ve compiled some of our favorite costumes from last year to inspire your look this Halloween! Ready to recreate one of these? Just step into your local Buffalo – we’ll help you find everything you need to create your spookiest costume yet!  

Teen Dream

Want a super trendy costume that you can pull together with pieces from your own closet? Live out your teenage dream with looks from your favorite high school comedies! 

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Tempe, Mean Girls, Halloween Costume, Costume Ideas

A Mean Girls costume is totally fetch – just don’t tell Regina George! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Tempe.

Buffalo Exchange, Boston, Allston, Romy and Michelle, Halloween Costume, Costume Ideas

If there’s any time to try out the Romy and Michelle diet of gummy bears, jellybeans and candy corn, it’s Halloween! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Boston (Allston)

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn Boerum Hill Halloween Gossip Girl

XOXO, you know you love this Gossip Girl group from Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill)!

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The Best Way to Sell Clothes: A Quick Guide to Trading In Your Closet at Buffalo Exchange

The Best Way to Sell Clothes: A Quick Guide to Selling Your Clothes at Buffalo Exchange

By Aarian Frye

Ready to clean out your closet and looking for the best way to sell clothes? Tackling this task is no easy feat, so here’s a handy guide to navigate through your overstuffed wardrobe and into the world of resale fashion! Keep reading for a few tips to easily pare down and sell your past favorites to Buffalo Exchange.

The Best Way to Sell Clothes at Buffalo Exchange Closet Cleanout

Go Marie Kondo on Your Closet

The first step is to Marie Kondo your closet! Ask yourself if you’ve worn it in the past year or if you’re only holding onto it for sentimental reasons (your mom gave it to you, you really liked it but never get around to wearing it, etc). Most importantly, ask yourself if it truly sparks joy for you! If you’re keeping an item under the conditions of losing or gaining weight, magically growing six inches as an adult or being invited to some fantastical special occasion, it may be time to sell it or donate it so that it can spark joy for someone new.


Get Sorted

As you pull items out of your closet, the second step is to sort everything into two piles – one to sell and one to donate instead of bringing it to Buffalo. If an item has a small spot that won’t wash out or a hole, you may want to donate it to a local non-profit. Pro Tip: Don’t over-edit your bag of items to sell! Buffalo takes in the best of all seasons, year-round and is always looking for a wide variety of freshly laundered styles in good condition. When in doubt, bring it in! PS If there’s no Buffalo near you or you’re too busy to bring your closet cleanout into the store, try Sell By Mail. Order a kit online, fill it up and drop it off with UPS! Within a few weeks of Buffalo Exchange receiving it, you’ll have extra cash in your pocket or trade to spend.


The Best Way to Sell Clothes

Woohoo, you made it to Buffalo Exchange! If there are other people waiting to sell, the Buyers may ask you to have a seat or jump in line. When they call you up to the counter, they’ll ask for your ID and phone number. If you’re anxious about your clothing being judged, don’t stress. Buffalo’s Buyers will be happy to take a look at everything you brought and they base their decisions off of styles that are currently selling well for the store, not off a personal judgment call. In order to make educated decisions, Buyers go through a ton of initial training and, even after that, it’s an ongoing learning process. Buyers spend a lot of time researching current styles, talking to customers about what they’re shopping for and going through the store’s inventory to find out what’s selling well, what’s not selling so well and which areas are either lacking or overly full.


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Meet Sedona – One of Brooklyn’s Bands to Watch

Sedona Band Photographed by Katherine Bonnie

By Katherine Bonnie & Aarian Frye, Photography by Katherine Bonnie

Sedona, band in vintage nightgowns, photographed by Katherine Bonnie

Meet Sedona: the electrifying dirty pop group based out of New York City. The band is comprised of five members: Tia on drums, Merilyn on keyboard, Claire on guitar, and Lily on bass with lead singer Sedona at the forefront. Even though the group has a wide array of personal styles, they’re all avid thrifters with an appreciation for vintage gems. It’s little surprise, then, that the group loves shopping at Buffalo! “I’ve shopped at Buffalo for as long as I’ve lived in New York, so four years now,” Claire says. “My entire outfit is from Buffalo Exchange!” Tia adds.

Sedona, band seated for portrait, photographed by Katherine Bonnie

Sedona did their first tour in March of 2019, driving 70 hours across the country in an old church bus to play SXSW and venues in New Orleans, Pennsylvania and their home base of NYC. “We played a bunch of shows. It was beyond fun to travel and perform with a group of inspiring ladies that I’m lucky enough to call my family!” says lead singer Sedona. They returned full of inspiration for new projects. All five members of the band light up when they talk about their plans for the group. “We set aside some time this summer to write together, which was a first for us, and we can’t wait to play more shows.”

Sedona’s next show is at Rough Trade in Brooklyn on Wednesday, August 14th. You can find their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube and keep up with the band on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re feeling inspired by this band’s catchy tunes and unique personal styling, head to your local Buffalo Exchange to shop some vintage finds of your own!