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St. Patrick’s Day – Buffalo Exchange New Orleans


Being in the heart of New Orleans it isn’t too much of a surprise to find a party outside of Buffalo Exchange NOLA’s door. Shortly after the roar of Mardi Gras comes to an end the Irish Channel Parade begins! A parade dedicated to celebrating the city’s large emigration from Ireland in the 1800s, the Irish Channel Parade involves: costumes, floats, music, green beer, kisses for flowers, and cabbages. Yeah, cabbages. As part of tradition, the Irish Channel floats throw into the crowd ingredients needed for an Irish stew. This year was the 66th annual Mass and parade celebration and it passed right in front of the store’s windows (No windows were harmed during the throwing of the cabbage). The enthusiasm and spirit definitely found its way into the store. Outside you could see a crowd of green dancing and raising their arms up in hopes of catching beads or any other prize flying their way. The parade is organized by the Irish Channel Corner Club and celebrated by locals and tourist alike, no matter their ancestry. Buffalo Exchange was a big hit for finding unique and festive pieces to finish off any St. Patrick’s day costume. In a city so rich in culture and full of festivities it’s hard to run out of things to celebrate, may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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